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Welcome to CGR Publishing – publisher of history, art, gaming, comic books, manga, art instruction books, and more. CGR Publishing started out as Classic Game Room, the original Internet video game review show that evolved into a publishing house & clothing design company.

Created by Mark Bussler, CGR is the first Internet video game review show. Classic Game Room first aired on the Internet in late 1999 and ran until the year 2000 when it disappeared for nearly a decade (in that time Mark produced documentary films.) A new series called Classic Game Room HD launched on YouTube in 2008. CGR ran until early 2018 when it was replaced by Classic Game Room 2085 on Amazon and Vimeo. In 2019, Classic Game Room Internet video game review production ceased permanently.

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After video distribution issues with YouTube and Amazon, combined with relatively poor viewership and content theft, Mark was no longer able to devote the time required to produce Classic Game Room‘s edited content and chose to instead focus on publishing and art. This lead to several popular releases that launched CGR Publishing, and here we are! Mark Bussler is the president of CGR Publishing and works full time in publishing, writing, art, and design.

CGR Publishing currently publishes more than 100 print and digital books, 2000 clothing, wall-art and kitchen products, documentary films, and much of the Classic Game Room catalog on physical media. If you have questions on where to find a product please Contact Us.

CGR Publishing continues to produce Internet video content for TikTok, Vimeo, and YouTube under our 80sComics.com and TurboVolcano.com brands. Check out www.youtube.com/c/classicgameroom for video.

TikTok: @80sComics @TurboVolcano

Instagram @ClassicGameRoom

Follow Mark’s book releases on here on Amazon.com

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