Welcome to Classic Game Room – Book publisher of gaming and history books. Classic Game Room is the original video game review show that evolved into a publishing house & clothing empire.

Created by Mark Bussler, CGR is the first Internet video game review show. Classic Game Room started life in 1999 and ran until the year 2000 when it disappeared for nearly a decade (in that time Mark produced documentary films.) A new series called Classic Game Room HD launched on YouTube in 2008. CGR ran until early 2018 when it was replaced by Classic Game Room 2085 on Amazon and Vimeo. CGR 2085 season 2 is currently on hold.

As of 2019 Mark writes and creates art full time for books and clothing designs. Classic Game Room video game reviews merged with comic book reviews in 2019 to form CGR Infinity on Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and here!

In 2019 Mark Bussler returns to documentary filmmaking. He is producing a feature-length film about the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City (late 2019 – untitled) Join the CGR Mailing List for updates!

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