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Classic Game Room Video Game Music Licensing

Original Video Game Music Licensing, Sound Packs & Cinematic Scores.


Music made by humans for people to enjoy while playing video games.
Website in Beta. Pricing and services coming summer 2024. Modern and retro video game and cinematic music styles, sound packs, and original human-made videogame soundtracks.
Royalty free and custom music licencing options for CGR Publishing distributed music and sound packs.



Blast the Process by Classic Game Room (Sample) - 16-Bit Style Music
Antidisestablishmentarianism by Classic Game Room (Sample) Action Game
A Derelict Soundscape by Classic Game Room & Omega Ronin (Sample) Cinematic Synthwave
Long Shadows Cast by the Distant Spire by Classic Game Room (Sample) - 16-bit Suspense
Never Stop Crushing by Classic Game Room (Sample) - 16-Bit Style Music
Underwater Dragon Adventure Society (Sample) by Classic Game Room - 16-bit Exploration / Suspense

Classic Game Room on Streaming


5/5/2024 - A Derelict Soundscape Drops! Turn up the volume and rock to a diverse collection of video game-inspired songs and relaxing soundscapes. On most music services.

5/1/2024 - First Album Drops! The first Classic Game Room video game music album titled Blast the Process drops on Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, and more streaming services.

3/29/2024 - Classic Game Room The Podcast runs weekly on Fridays. You can now listen to the CGR Podcast on YouTube and Spotify (more platforms coming soon.) The show will be embracing its Gen-X heritage as a traveling celebration of arcades, pinball machines, and arcade games.