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Destiny - PlayStation 4
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 Forgotten Worlds - Sega Genesis
"Forgotten Worlds is another great inexpensive Gem ..." - Truxton4life

 Fairchild Video Entertainment System - Fairchild Channel F
"It's pioneering use of programmable cartridges gav..." - sherberttcat

 Adventure Island - NES
"I love this game. The platforming is solid, the mu..." - cammysbutt

 Kirby's Adventure - NES
"I love Kirby, and this is an excellent Kirby game...." - cammysbutt

 Kid Icarus - NES
"This is a game that holds its value, so I don't ha..." - cammysbutt

 Galaga: Demons of Death - NES
"This game is the best non-emulated port of Galaga!..." - cammysbutt

 Godzilla: Monster of Monsters - NES
"Because Heaven forbid we got a GOOD Godzilla game ..." - cammysbutt

 Contra - NES
"I'm not gonna bother talking about this game, it's..." - cammysbutt

 Batman - NES
"NANANANANANANANANA BATMAN! I love this game, it's..." - cammysbutt

 Dig Dug II: Trouble in Paradise - NES
"This time tried doing something different with the..." - cammysbutt

 Atari 2600 4-Switch Wood Grain Console - Atari 2600
"One of many revisions of the classic 2600. Built l..." - sherberttcat

 The Last of Us - PlayStation 3
"This game is amazingly beautiful. Visually it look..." - svenbtb

 Sega Master System Console - Sega Master System
"Wow I didnt know about the Master System till this..." - swabbers

 Operation Wolf - NES
"I used to play this on my old IBM 286 (pre-mouse)...." - drockus

 Ninja Gaiden - NES
"Many thanks Mark for pronouncing this game as we d..." - drockus

 Super Mario Bros. 2 - NES
"I forgot that people played as anyone other than P..." - drockus

 LocoRoco 2 - PSP
"This is one of the best PSP games even now with th..." - drawgood

 Top Gear 2 - Super Nintendo
"Something about this game takes me back to the Ami..." - dagmar

 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Game Boy Advance
"First game i ever bought for my brand new at the t..." - dagmar

 Sonic Spinball - Sega Genesis
"Never could get past the 2nd level but i love the ..." - dagmar

 Memory Card Plus - Nintendo 64
"always got corruption with after market for just t..." - tonkinese

 Resistance: Retribution - PSP
"Sony's second-rate "Gears of War" clone gets a thi..." - sherberttcat

 Ice Climber - NES
"I got to grab this game for cheap at my local game..." - swabbers

 Radiant Silvergun - Xbox 360
"Personally, I prefer Ikaruga. Maybe it's the minim..." - elfayyy47

 Angry Birds Minion - Hot Wheels
"Angry birds is still a thing?" - bendrowned33

 Skypeace - Nintendo 3DS
"that's a lot of coins" - bendrowned33

 The Price is Right - Nintendo DS
"I'm sure I could enjoy this. Well, I hope I could..." - scarecrowchan

 Sega Saturn Console - Sega Saturn
"I picked one up for $9 at Goodwill. At first, I th..." - kingjames777

 Ben 10: Galactic Racing - Wii
"Picked up the PS3 version of this game in the mark..." - grumblebbumble

 Destiny - PlayStation 4
"I've really enjoyed my time with both the alpha an..." - racerx

 Fairchild Video Entertainment System - Fairchild Channel F
"New consoles need some wood grain action going on." - scarecrowchan

 Radio Shack TV Scoreboard - Miscellaneous
"I love the look of these old pong consoles. Always..." - scarecrowchan

 PlayStation 4 Console - PlayStation 4
"I'm still undecided whether or not to get one of t..." - scarecrowchan

 NES-039 Dogbone Controller - NES
"This controller came with the NES 2 aka the all mi..." - Truxton4life

 Resident Evil Outbreak - PlayStation 2
"This was an alright RE came but things seem to be ..." - nintendogenesis2600

 Resident Evil 5 - PlayStation 3
"This almost murdered the RE series for me bad ever..." - nintendogenesis2600

 Radio Shack TV Scoreboard - Miscellaneous
"Based on one of the standard GI AY-3-8500 Pong on ..." - Shady Dealer

 Atari 2600 Kids Controller - Atari 2600
"I kind of want one now. Looks bad ass." - scarecrowchan

 Mass Effect - Xbox 360
"The start of a magical and enchanted journey :D" - scarecrowchan

 Videocart 3: Video Blackjack - Fairchild Channel F
"This is actually quite a fun and fast paced game o..." - Shady Dealer

 Videocart 5: Space War - Fairchild Channel F
"While I suppose when it came out it might have bee..." - Shady Dealer

 Atari 2600 Paddle Controllers - Atari 2600
"Just found a brand new pair they feel great!" - ian2600

 Game Boy Pocket Console - Game Boy
"This is the gameboy for a newcomer. It's realistic..." - ian2600

 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii
"Surpasses the original." - sherberttcat

 Fatal Fury - Sega Genesis
"Compared to many bad fighting games on the Genesis..." - Truxton4life

 Xenoblade Chronicles - Wii
"The best JRPG on Wii. But it doesn't mean that muc..." - Caio

 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii
"Just a regular platformer." - Caio

 Destiny - PlayStation 4
"Well this is interesting...." - elias