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Missile Command - Arcade
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 Missile Command - Arcade
"Any day's a great day to command defense missiles ..." - teddykongcountry

 Missile Command - Arcade
"that game is so unforgiving" - bendrowned33

 Wolfenstein: The New Order - PlayStation 4
"Do you enjoy games like Singularity and Bioshock? ..." - palebone

 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos - NES
"If you enjoyed the original Ninja Gaiden then you ..." - Truxton4life

 Wooden Sen’Sey - Wii U
"Not the most kickass platformer on the PC and Wii ..." - fasttquick

 Sega Ages: Volume 1 - Sega Saturn
"A fantastic little collection for the Saturn. Many..." - scarecrowchan

 Saturn Backup Memory - Sega Saturn
"Essential bit of kit. They don't make backup memor..." - scarecrowchan

 Wooden Sen’Sey - Wii U
"Alcohol is bad, m'kay" - bendrowned33

 Plain Video Poker - Nintendo 3DS
"Plain video poker indeed." - fasttquick

 Plain Video Poker - Nintendo 3DS
"If Im going to play video poker on a video game it..." - nintendogenesis2600

 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Nintendo GameCube
"The title where PoP successfully made the 3D trans..." - leaon79s

 F-1 Race - Game Boy
"A good little racing game on the gameboy with good..." - squeege

 Catrap - Game Boy
"Great game. Found it on Amazon and didn't know wha..." - squeege

 Tetris - Game Boy
"There are three mandatory things to have in your c..." - squeege

 Castlevania: The Adventure - Game Boy
"My first foray into the Castlevania series and it ..." - squeege

 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Wii
"Every bit as fun as Mario Kart with shoutouts to f..." - cjmoore25

 Lemmings - PSP
"One of my favorite puzzle games, with solutions th..." - stereopathic

 Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 - Wii
"sonic the hedgehog 4 is a decent game, but therein..." - deathsChemist

 Ninja Gaiden - NES
"Hey you like great games that make you incredibly ..." - Truxton4life

 Alien Hominid - Nintendo GameCube
"i had this game on the ps2, and it is a glorious g..." - deathsChemist

 Star Trek Online - PC
"One of my favorite MMORPG games of all time" - silvereyex7

 Dragster - Atari 2600
"This game presents one of the most interesting use..." - sherberttcat

 Plain Video Poker - Nintendo 3DS
"I love it, but only because TJ is awesome!" - Ob3rGEist

 Dragster - Atari 2600
"When I first played this game I hated it. It's way..." - qix1

 Power Blade - NES
"Power Blade is an awesome game and a must have for..." - Truxton4life

 Transformers: The Game - Wii
"The Wii version is yet another PS2 port, with wagg..." - sherberttcat

 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Wii
"Its the EXACT same game as the PS2 version, but th..." - sherberttcat

 Transformers: Prime – The Game - Wii
"The Wii didn't get a proper "War for/Fall of Cyber..." - sherberttcat

 The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return - Wii
"The Wii is replete with rail shooters, many of the..." - sherberttcat

 Super Sonic Racer - Wii
"No, its not a "Sonic" racing game, but it is just ..." - sherberttcat

 Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels - Wii
"Eh, It'll hold your interest for about an hour." - sherberttcat

 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Wii
"I actually preferred the aesthetic and game play i..." - sherberttcat

 Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 - Wii
"So Someone at Sega decided to try and take Sonic b..." - sherberttcat

 Speed Racer: The Video Game - Wii
"Its a movie tie-in on the Wii, which probably scar..." - sherberttcat

 Soul Calibur Legends - Wii
"When Namco Bandai decided that us Wii owners weren..." - sherberttcat

 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Wii
"How low can Sega sink? Well, here's yet another "A..." - sherberttcat

 New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Wii
"See Sega? THIS is how you do a sequel to a classic..." - sherberttcat

 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - Wii
"Even after the novelty of "Kreate-a-Kombatant" wea..." - sherberttcat

 Iron Man - Wii
"The very definition of lazy. Its just a PS2 game ..." - sherberttcat

 Men In Black: Alien Crisis - Wii
"At this point the Wii was getting no more love fro..." - sherberttcat

 Marines: Modern Urban Combat - Wii
"Its everything you would expect by just looking at..." - sherberttcat

 Demolition Man - Sega Genesis
"As far as movie tie-ins go, this is a pretty solid..." - sherberttcat

 Demolition Man - Sega Genesis
"Here is another great example of how there are in ..." - Truxton4life

 Peggle - Xbox 360
"This game is stupidly addicting. Its the kind of g..." - svenbtb

 Nintendo Lending Labels - Miscellaneous
"These also stick to butts, which is a far more ent..." - sherberttcat

 Borderlands 2 - PlayStation 3
"the story is alright, the graphics are a bit carto..." - lukefonfabre388

 Sega Saturn Console - Sega Saturn
"i want to get one of these but the prices for thos..." - lukefonfabre388

 Control Pad (Mega Drive) - Sega Genesis
"Not the best, not the worst." - sherberttcat