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Hard Boiled - PlayStation
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 Captain America: Super Soldier - PlayStation 3
"Short and sweet. A solid action game that take a l..." - pottsy69

 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - PlayStation 3
"My favourite of the XIII saga. Not perfect by a lo..." - whitephoenix

 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - Game Boy Advance
"one of the best skateboarding games ever comes to ..." - lukefonfabre388

 The Legendary Starfy 2 - Game Boy Advance
"this looks like a pretty fun platformer and its a ..." - lukefonfabre388

 The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest - Neo-Geo CD
"one of the best fighting games ever" - bendrowned33

 Zen Pinball 2 - PlayStation 3
"season 1's ending still makes me sad" - bendrowned33

 Bionicle Matoran Adventures - Game Boy Advance
"i think this is a hidden gem for the gameboy advan..." - lukefonfabre388

 Cars - Game Boy Advance
"this is actually a pretty good licensed game and t..." - lukefonfabre388

 Atari Anniversary Advance - Game Boy Advance
"ah oldschool Atari games on a single cart. some no..." - lukefonfabre388

 Black Tiger (Capcom Arcade Cabinet) - PlayStation 3
"Black Tiger is one of my favorite arcade games and..." - brighat

 Zen Pinball 2 - PlayStation 3
"I'd rather play The Walking Dead slot machine in L..." - brighat

 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - PlayStation 3
"A pretty fun game with a deep intense story and so..." - scarecrowchan

 PlayStation 3 DualShock Controller - PlayStation 3
"Sony's controllers often have a few issues keeping..." - Spider Shinobi

 Sega Genesis Controller - Sega Genesis
"For its time, it was a 5-star controller. Even tod..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Black Tiger (Capcom Arcade Cabinet) - PlayStation 3
"So, what are the advantages of this cool (and free..." - Spider Shinobi

 Trojan (Capcom Arcade Cabinet) - PlayStation 3
"The only requirements to enjoy Trojan are sympathy..." - Spider Shinobi

 Hard Boiled - PlayStation
"Hard Boiled, more like "Over Easy"." - dmbshooter

 1942 (Capcom Arcade Cabinet) - PlayStation 3
"great shooter..highly recommend..." - shark69

 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - PC
"Even the vanilla version, minus the expansions, wi..." - sherberttcat

 Star Wars Yoda Giant Pez Dispenser - Collectibles
"You will do well to do as it asks...just don't cro..." - sherberttcat

 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Sega Genesis
"While the Super Nintendo got fantastic beat-em up ..." - Truxton4life

 Monster Rancher 2 - PlayStation
"Simply one of the best games I have ever had the p..." - doctorvakarian

 Xbox 360 Controller - Xbox 360
"It's very comfortable to hold, but the D-pad feels..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Nintendo 3DS
"The first zelda game I ever played was a link to t..." - beemoe1234751

 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - PC
"It's an incredible adventure with loads of persona..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Tetris - Game Boy
"Grandaddy of all puzzle games is no joke. Tetris s..." - teddykongcountry

 Columns - Sega Genesis
"For a tetris-style game, Columns does surprisingly..." - teddykongcountry

 Color A Dinosaur - NES
"There's a problem with games like this. That is, t..." - sneakernets

 Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - PlayStation 2
"Excellent puzzle-platformer. Even though it came o..." - super8robotg6

 Color A Dinosaur - NES
"As bad as NES games get. You'd be better off getti..." - super8robotg6

 Hard Boiled - PlayStation
"what a disappointing game" - bendrowned33

 Battletoads - NES
"It's so much fun. In my opinion, the game has aged..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Xbox
"A solid port of GTA San Andreas. The game succeeds..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter - Nintendo 3DS
"I think this game has more in common with another ..." - fasttquick

 Mortal Kombat II - Sega 32X
"I can't win this game to save my life, but it sure..." - kazesim

 Magical Chase - TurboGrafx-16
"This is a great Cute Em Up. Love the different wea..." - bawesomeburf

 Ninja Warriors - Super Nintendo
"this looks and feels much better than most of thes..." - hatsunemiku598

 Double Dragon LCD Handheld - Miscellaneous
"Surprised that people still have these handhelds t..." - hatsunemiku598

 Pac-man Connect & Play - Plug n Play
"I like the design this actually looks good...." - hatsunemiku598

 Quickshot StrikePad - Sega Saturn
"My only Saturn pad, and an excellent one at that. ..." - kingjames777

 Pac-man Connect & Play - Plug n Play
"I think I'd be happy to receive this a gift. :)" - whitephoenix

 Pac-man Connect & Play - Plug n Play
"Now you can play Pac and Pal." - elias

 Deep Blue - TurboGrafx-16
"The PCE/TG16 had some great shooters. Deep Blue..i..." - super8robotg6

 Pac-man Connect & Play - Plug n Play
"Pac & Pal AWESOME! Thanks Steven." - dmbshooter

 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Nintendo 3DS
"it's better than other transformers' game" - bendrowned33

 Shadow Hearts: Covenant - PlayStation 2
"The game is good but the reviewer needs some emoti..." - hatsunemiku598

 BioShock Infinite - Xbox 360
"2K did it again. The somehow equaled the first Bio..." - doctorvakarian

 BioShock - Xbox 360
"Truly exemplary. I can't pick a fault. It's atmosp..." - doctorvakarian