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CGR host Mark Bussler recently chatted with DVD Talk's Randy Miller about the release of the new Best of Classic Game Room Blu-Ray, DVD Set and Laser-Hyper-Vision Album Set. Check out Inside the Classic Game Room - An Interview with CGR Host Mark Bussler! And don't forget to read the complete DVD Talk review of the Best of Classic Game Room Blu-Ray. Get the Blu-Ray today on Amazon or eBay.
Derek's Black Box
I have little experience in being a 12-year-old girl.

That’s why I was excited to play Bratz: Rock Angelz. Who doesn’t enjoy learning about strange cultures?

Well, I wasn’t prepared for what I learned. Watch this to see why you should be very afraid of 12-year-old girls.

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Xexyz - NES - Added by: Xodyak
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