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Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
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 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"Fun fact, same procedure to hack computer is used ..." - secuda

 Fighter Maker - PlayStation
"You can make the hell out of a fighter...and then ..." - sherberttcat

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"Given the technology of the time, this was still b..." - sherberttcat

 Nintendo GameCube Controller - Nintendo GameCube
"It's EXTREMELY well made. However I do have some c..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox
"One hell of a terrific shooter. The graphics were ..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Super Nintendo Console (Europe) - Super Nintendo
"The SNES is an excellent console, and I've always ..." - Imperial Khador

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"One star for the game, another star for the awesom..." - spudalmighty

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES
"One of my all time favorite NES games!! I've beate..." - Truxton4life

 Akiba's Trip 2 - Vita
"This is a great game. cough cough... I am not 17! ..." - agentcollins

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"Not bad for crappy handheld." - dmbshooter

 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo GameCube
"A great version of Ocarina of Time, thanks in no s..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Super Nintendo
"A good game, but by god is it plagued with slowdow..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Team Fortress 2 - PC
"I'm not sure whether to call it "fun" or "addictiv..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Devil May Cry HD Collection - Xbox 360
"Packaging & menu design is atrociously bland b..." - leaon79s

 Sega Dreamcast Console - Sega Dreamcast
"So close Sega yet so far. This system had everythi..." - agentcollins

 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Xbox 360
"It begins promisingly enough, a pair working toget..." - leaon79s

 Sega Genesis Controller - Sega Genesis
"The sculpt that endured 2 generations, and went on..." - leaon79s

 Prince of Persia - Xbox 360
"This is a great game, and its cheap. Great game pl..." - agentcollins

 Samsung Saturn Console - Sega Saturn
"Oh man, the Sega Saturn, I got the off cleans back..." - agentcollins

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"how is it possible that this isn't awful?" - bendrowned33

 World Games - NES
"well, it could have been worst" - bendrowned33

 Phantasy Star - Sega Master System
"The graphic is amazing for the system but from a n..." - gundamu

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"Must have missed crappy handheld week, because i h..." - secuda

 Super Mario Land - Game Boy
"I don't get Derek's dislike of this game, but he's..." - Imperial Khador

 Brutal Legend - Xbox 360
"Amazing soundtrack and funny as hell. Jack Black ..." - pottsy69

 Super Mario Land - Game Boy
"Short and sweet, a must play for the original Game..." - svenbtb

 Super Mario Land - Game Boy
"It's a classic. I love the music in particular; it..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Streets of Rage 3 - Sega Genesis
"The controls in this game are beyond excellent; th..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Streets of Rage 2 - Sega Genesis
"A HUGE improvement of the original game. The contr..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Yoshi's Story - Nintendo 64
"On its own, it's a good game. The game's art direc..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Battlefield 3 - Xbox 360
"This game gets a lot of things right with the mult..." - teddykongcountry

 Power Stone 2 - Sega Dreamcast
"There’s no better party game on the system (or e..." - stereopathic

 Missile Command - Arcade
"Yes! I found a Missile Command arcade! very good t..." - wolf

 Double Dragon LCD Handheld - Miscellaneous
"One of the few Tiger Electronic LCD games that wer..." - wolf

 Power Stone - Sega Dreamcast
"When you play this one, you’re gonna discover wo..." - stereopathic

 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - PSP
"This game was fun. Didn't finish though, I borrowe..." - KAOS

 Batman - Game Boy
"As awesome as the NES Batman is, this inexcusably ..." - sherberttcat

 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - PSP
"I awaited a good game but i was highly dissapointe..." - gundamu

 Heavenly Sword - PlayStation 3
"This was my first PS3 game and for the time it was..." - gundamu

 sega mega drive conntroler - Sega Genesis
"Although i prefer the 6 Button controller over all..." - gundamu

 sega mega drive conntroler - Sega Genesis
"My favourite controller of all time. True intensit..." - scarecrowchan

 Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega Genesis
"Sonic 1 is a pretty good game. The first one isn't..." - gundamu

 Double Dragon LCD Handheld - Miscellaneous
"These are bad ASS! Or ass bad?" - scarecrowchan

 Heavenly Sword - PlayStation 3
"Heavenly Sword is a stylish hack-n-slasher in the ..." - stereopathic

 Brink - PlayStation 3
"You really need the AI to pull their weight in thi..." - stereopathic

 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast - PC
"An absolutely flawless and amazing game. Everythin..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Papo & Yo - PlayStation 3
"The focus here is story. The puzzles and platform..." - stereopathic

 Super Turrican - Super Nintendo
"Its an average game. I don't see why all of Europe..." - sherberttcat