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Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
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 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"About as much fun as using a calculator, from what..." - whitephoenix

 Sonic Triple Trouble - Sega Game Gear
"Wierd game. Fun, but wierd. Not like, Parodius-lev..." - cjmoore25

 Sonic Generations - PlayStation 3
"Do I even need to say anything about how great it ..." - cjmoore25

 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"I think I would have more fun spelling dirty words..." - wildbill

 The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition - Nintendo GameCube
"This was a great freebie that came with as a pack-..." - sherberttcat

 The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition - Nintendo GameCube
"As mentioned by nintendoboy17, Majora's Mask is em..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Taito Legends 2 - PlayStation 2
"While some of the games in this collection are bad..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"Remember this game the next time you think a Tiger..." - Mipaol

 Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - PlayStation 2
"If there's one licensed game you play in your life..." - cjmoore25

 Super Nintendo Console (Europe) - Super Nintendo
"Regardless the regional version, the SNES was king..." - sherberttcat

 LEGO The Hobbit - Wii U
"another lego game" - bendrowned33

 Half-life - PlayStation 2
"Very dated looking by the time it landed on the PS..." - sherberttcat

 Jet Set Radio - Sega Dreamcast
"One of my all time favorite games, has an awesome ..." - A Lonely Weeaboo

 Metroid: Other M - Wii
"A fantastic game too often mistreated for arguably..." - Gryzor

 Half-life - PlayStation 2
"Even though significant time passed since the orig..." - stereopathic

 Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness - Sega Dreamcast
"I love you Classic Game Room, you're the best." - Ob3rGEist

 Metroid: Other M - Wii
"While many critics despise this game for Samus's a..." - thegtworld

 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - PlayStation 3
"Though Ground Zeros may only be a prequel/demo to ..." - thegtworld

 Top Gun - NES
"The legendary cockpit view shooter for NES. For 19..." - leaon79s

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"For an LCD of the time it's really not that bad. A..." - leaon79s

 Half-life - PlayStation 2
"The pioneer of the immersion via cut-sceneless in-..." - leaon79s

 Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
"It sure beats having to try to keep up copies of a..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"My brain blew up after seeing this....." - elias

 Final Fantasy IV - Nintendo DS
"When I first heard this was getting *another* rele..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen - Nintendo DS
"I didn't think my favorite NES RPG of all time cou..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Star Wars: Episode I Racer - Nintendo 64
"An incredibly fun racing game that is infinitely m..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Shadowgate Classic - Game Boy Color
"An excellent portable port of an already fantastic..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Nintendo 64
"This game is colorful, imaginative, and upbeat. Th..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - PlayStation 4
"this game is tight...git u one :)" - shark69

 Revenge of the 'Gator - Game Boy
"If it means anything, I only own about a half doze..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 castlevania II belmont's revenge - Game Boy
"so many great things too say about this sweet bloo..." - shark69

 Super Mario World - Super Nintendo
"It's fine and all, but considering it's from Ninte..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Daedalian Opus - Game Boy
"A perfect example of less is more; simple yet chal..." - whtevrhpnd2mary

 Streets of Rage - Sega Genesis
"There's really no reason to play this game today. ..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Xbox Controller S - Xbox
"It fits well in the hands, the D-pad gets a much-n..." - stereopathic

 Bully - PlayStation 2
"A fantastic Rockstar game. The boarding school was..." - pottsy69

 Bulletstorm - PlayStation 3
"A very fun FPS with great re-playability. The uniq..." - pottsy69

 Xbox Controller S - Xbox
"I have a few big problems with this controller. 1:..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Sears Electronic Numbers Game - Crappy Handhelds
"Fun fact, same procedure to hack computer is used ..." - secuda

 Fighter Maker - PlayStation
"You can make the hell out of a fighter...and then ..." - sherberttcat

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"Given the technology of the time, this was still b..." - sherberttcat

 Nintendo GameCube Controller - Nintendo GameCube
"It's EXTREMELY well made. However I do have some c..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox
"One hell of a terrific shooter. The graphics were ..." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Super Nintendo Console (Europe) - Super Nintendo
"The SNES is an excellent console, and I've always ..." - Imperial Khador

 Top Gun - Konami - Crappy Handhelds
"One star for the game, another star for the awesom..." - spudalmighty

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES
"One of my all time favorite NES games!! I've beate..." - Truxton4life

 Akiba's Trip 2 - Vita
"This is a great game. cough cough... I am not 17! ..." - agentcollins