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Started in 1999, the original Classic Game Room video game review series continues with professional, edited, narrated "old-school" style game reviews. CGR discovers new and classic video games, pinball machines, and game consoles, and has a good time going off-subject and talking about whatever. Casual, relaxed, and unique.

Mark revisits games tucked away in the Intergalactic Space Arcade and plays them while occasionally adding obnoxious and usually off-subject color commentary. Enjoy CGR's favorite hits from the past on game systems like Atari 2600, Neo-Geo CD, and Sega Genesis return to the future, this time filmed in 4K on a classic CRT monitor like the good old days of 2084.

Short videos are all the rage! Future people without attention spans can watch sub-60 second videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. CGR shoots stuff from the Intergalactic Space Arcade, arcades, and behind the scenes footage on a smartphone and then blasts them out to "social" media. We collect them for you here to enjoy without all the "social" bullshit.