Robot Kitten Factory Issue #1

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Release date: January 10, 2020
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 56 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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1000 Robot Kittens Strong! The Robot Kitten Factory saga begins here!

A gigantic alien space monster crash lands in the ocean and attacks the city of San Frantastico. When tanks, jets, and super-missiles fail to stop it, humanity turns to its only hope, a mad scientist living in a volcano with a computerized factory that generates laser-powered robot kittens!

From writer and artist Mark Bussler, creator of The Horrible Octopus, Magnum Skywolf, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, and Omega Ronin, comes an epic science fiction tale inspired by classic manga and monster movies from yesteryear. Robot Kitten Factory delivers non-stop action, lovable characters, and memorable one-liners – also lots of flying robot kittens.

Robot Kitten Factory Issue #1 introduces the main characters and the series’ first Robot Kitten, Captain Laser Whiskers! This printing includes Mark Bussler’s production notes and the original rough-draft version of the story, as well as concept art and additional Robot Kitten drawings. Suitable for all ages reading.

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