Mega Infinity Complete Classic Game Room Total Collection 60+ Hours


Runtime – Roughly 63 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!
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Get all of the current Classic Game Room films, collection, specials, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and more at once with a special bonus! Signed by Mark Bussler.

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You want it all? Get it all. Save big on a lifetime of Classic Game Room that lives in infinite universes at the same time. All of Classic Game Room’s current physical video productions and more in one giant package – a package that defies space and time! So much CGR and more from director, Mark Bussler, including his 2019 documentary film, A Good Time at the 1939 New York World’s Fair and the 2014 hardcover signed comic book that starts the Lord Karnage Saga!

Runtime – Roughly 63 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!
Website exclusive

Contains :
CGR 20TH Anniversary Retro Spectacular
CGR Supreme Master Collection (Volumes 1-12)
CGR Supreme Volume 0 (with signed sketch)*not pictured
CGR 2085 Master Collection
Classic Game Room 15th Anniversary Laser Hyper Vision Blu-Ray set
CGR Feature Review of MUSHA
CGR Feature Review of Herzog Zwei
CGR Feature Review of Super Pac-Man
A Good Time at the 1939 New York World’s Fair
Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet’s Greatest Video Game Review Show DVD
The Best of CGR Undertow
Lord Karnage Book 1 Hardcover Signed Edition
Something special…

CGR 20TH, CGR Supreme, CGR 2085, CGR Supreme 0, CGR Feature Reviews, A Good Time–> sold on signed USB Thumb Drives in plastic 16-bit clamshell cases
Classic Game Room “The Rise and Fall”, CGR Undertow sold on DVD
Classic Game Room 25th Anniversary Collection contains 1 Blu-Ray disc and 3 DVDs.

Box art signed by series creator Mark Bussler.