Lord Karnage Book 1 – Hardcover Signed 1st Printing


Release Date: January 29, 2015
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 76 Pages
Black and White with Harcover Glossy Cover
MSRP: $14.95
Hardcover sold exclusively through ClassicGameRoom.com

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A Controversial video game review is beamed into deep space. What evil will it awaken?

Experience the first book in the Classic Game Room Universe of comic books and graphic novels with this beautiful hardcover version of Lord Karnage Book 1 signed by the artist and writer, Mark Bussler. (For signature, please attach note to PayPal payment or message me through the site after placing order HERE.)

Lord Karnage lives in the Intergalactic Space Arcade and produces Classic Game Room using an army of clones and a broken computer named Edit-Station 1. The Space Arcade is under attack by a mysterious race of beings called Cosmic Death Bricks after the show’s fusion powered margarita mixer sends a controversial review into deep space.  Witness the first appearance of Lord Karnage, Space Gar, the Cosmic Death Bricks and more in this hilarious sci-fi adventure through the cosmos that leads to Mark’s other books including Ethel the Cyborg Ninja and Gleaming the Event Horizon.

Is Earth destroyed? Do the Clone Marks survive? Will margaritas be enjoyed by all? Does Lord Karnage ever smile?

76 Pages. Hardcover. Awesome.