Ethel the Cyborg Ninja #2 – Signed Copy with Pencil Sketch on Bristol


Shipping Date: Late August/Early-September 2019
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: Approximately 60 Pages
Book Dimensions: Approximately 7″ x 10″
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Original Pencil Sketch with Signature on 6″ x 9″ Bristol Paper
Special Signed Copy  with Artwork Price Р$39.95
Limited Quantity Available

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Book is signed on inside cover by Mark Bussler in Sharpie (unless you would prefer signature on outside, please make note during order.) Pencil sketch features a character from Ethel 2 drawn on 6″ x 9″ Bristol Board and signed by Mark Bussler.

Story: The Sanro Loco 4000 dead mall isn’t so dead after all! Ethel the Cyborg Ninja and Edit-Station 1 embark on a mission to recover a secret code that lies hidden inside a singing 1980s stuffed bear at the Kay-Zee Toy Store. A trip to the mall sounds fun until they discover thousands of killer robots from a broken Build-A-Panda-Robot factory with a thirst for blood! Can Ethel’s cyborg skills keep her alive while Edit-Station 1 and E.R.R.O.L. fend off a fleet of heavily-armed robotic mall guard spaceships? Will anyone get to enjoy a Purple Julius? Do they still sell D-cell batteries at Radio Hut?

Laugh out loud and enjoy epic science fiction mayhem as Ethel and Edit-Station 1 continue their quest for Ethel’s father and the missing pieces of Squidtrex, the last-remaining enigmatic super-weapon capable of defeating Vectronnixx 9000.

(Ethel #2 is printed by Amazon. Fulfillment of this special signed copy is handled through Classic Game Room. This is our super secret special inventory of signed and doodled-upon books.)