CGR 20TH Anniversary Retro Spectacular


Release date: November 4, 2019
Runtime – Approximately 120 Minutes
Website exclusive

Contains 18 all-new reviews in the classic Classic Game Room style.

Video delivered on a signed USB thumb drive in a 16-bit era plastic clamshell case with signed insert.

Box art signed by series creator Mark Bussler.



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Do you like Classic Game Room? Then more Classic Game Room!

Banished from time, space, reality, Earth and the Internet, Classic Game Room resumes its never-ending mission to review everything from the Intergalactic Space Arcade. Enjoy video game reviews the way they used to be; fun, quirky, and laugh out loud funny.

Mark brings back the old school CGR style with 120 minutes of all-new 2019-produced reviews celebrating two decades of Classic Game Room!

Review List:

1. Darth Vader Atari 2600
2. Human Cannonball – Atari 2600
3. Gunstar Heroes – Sega Genesis
4. Akira Psycho Ball – PlayStation 2
5. Zanac X Zanac – PlayStation
6. Magnavox Odyssey 2 Voice
7. Type & Tell – Odyssey 2
8. Tatsujin – PC-Engine
9. Dead Or Alive 6 – PS4
10. Power Stone 2 – Dreamcast
11. Space Wars – Vectrex
12. Fire Emblem Warriors – Switch
13. Killer Bees! – Odyssey 2
14. RayCrisis – PlayStation
15. Bally Astrocade
16. The Fantastic Wizard – Astrocade
17. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

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