CGR 20th Anniversary Retro Spectacular


Release date: November 4, 2019
Runtime – Approximately 90 Minutes
Website exclusive
Rough artwork pictured

Contains all-new reviews in the classic Classic Game Room style.

Video delivered on a signed USB thumb drive in a 16-bit era plastic clamshell case with signed insert.

Box art signed by series creator Mark Bussler upon request.



Note: Pre-orders are billed at the time of order. Items will ship in order of date received. You will receive a tracking # when your package ships.

Includes 90 minutes of all-new reviews celebrating 20 years of Classic Game Room.

(Review list tentative, project in development.)

Darth Vader Atari 2600
Bally Astrocade
Magnavox Odyssey Voice Module
The Fantastic Wizard – Bally Astrocade
Human Cannonball – Atari 2600
Smithereens! – Magnavox Odyssey 2
Space Wars – Vectrex
Power Stone 2 – Sega Dreamcast
Gunstar Heroes – Sega Genesis
Tatsujin – PC-Engine
Killer Bees! – Magnavox Odyssey 2
Akira Pinball – PlayStation 2
…and more!