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Update 5/23/2023

Hello everyone! First news update on website reboot. returns. It'll probably take the rest of the year to get this back up and running in any organized fashion. We're under the umbrella of CGRpublishing and will be coordinating with them on products and website design.

The Classic Game Room series has been rebooted on Instagram and TikTok in a more casual and relaxed format. There are no plans to bring back the heavily-edited shows that didn't resonate in the live-streaming era. There are plans to have tons of fun with arcade games, pinball, Atari 2600, PS5, Vectrex, and more.

The Intergalactic Space Arcade (version 2.0!) is up and running. Pac-Man is lit. Beers are flowing, and Mark is enjoying unboxing the game systems and mountains of Atari games and old TI-99 stuff and whatnot.

The CGR 2085 Season 1 Blu-Ray plans are slowly rolling out, you'll hear more soon. Season 2 is in development for 2024 in celebration of the show's 25th anniversary!

Glassware should be appearing on the website this summer.

Shirts and hoodies and all that fun stuff are in development, you'll see them as we make them.