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NEWS - 3/29/2024 - Classic Game Room The Podcast picks up the torch as the final iteration of Classic Game Room. You can now listen to the CGR Podcast weekly on YouTube and Spotify (more platforms coming soon.) The show will be embracing its Gen-X heritage as a traveling celebration of arcades, pinball machines, and arcade games.

"We hear all kinds of weird things because Classic Game Room has been running on and off for 25 years and was one of the original YouTube gaming channels in 2007. Here's the facts.

After experimenting with YouTube and social media over the past year I came to the conclusion that the show is clearly aimed at an older, more mature audience who wants to enjoy professional content instead of screaming and manufactured drama.

We're moving the show into audio-only podcasts. Video cheapens the experience, increases the production costs, and lumps the show into the influencer category where expectations differ from the actual CGR production style.

Additionally, my real-life time commitments have exploded and there's no way I can waste time editing videos that nobody sees.

Arcade podcasts? Yes. Arcades are a great way to break up the work week. It's a good excuse to get out of the studio for a few hours and throw back a beer and talk about Defender.

Additionally, podcasts allow me to give a more professional presentation of the subject matter for the adults listening. I was kinda lukewarm on them in the past, but Omega Ronin has shown a great way forward across multiple platforms and CGR is adopting it.

Classic Game Room The Podcast is picking up where Classic Game Room the show left off and will continue its never-ending-mission to review everything (in arcades, at least!)"

Here's the Spotify link--->