Classic Game Room 2085

CGR 2085 Season 1 (2018)

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Coming soon to physical media. Select episodes are available on Vimeo.

Classic Game Room 2085 is the biggest Classic Game Room ever! Broadcasting from future year 2085, Classic Game Room is the ultimate video game review and obsolete technology showcase in the universe. CGR 2085 puts videogame consoles like the NES, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Switch through dramatic competitions. Games are reviewed, questions are answers, and the galaxy is saved by an army of clones controlled by a broken computer named Edit-Station 1.

Episode 1 - Castlevania Bloodlines Review and Sega Genesis Collector's Spectacular

Episode 2 - Nintendo Switch vs. Vectrex and Fast RMX Review

Episode 3 - Don't Twist Your Lynx: Atari Lynx and Zarlor Mercenary Review

Episode 4 - So Much Super, CGR reviews Super NT Super Nintendo and Super Turrican

Episode 5 - You Say Granada I Say Granada: Granada and Atari 2600 Stuff

Episode 6 - Fire Emblem Awakening Review and Sega Nomad vs. Nintendo 3DS XL

Episode 7 - I'm Faster Than Lightning: Sega Saturn Spectacular

Episode 8 - Ballzified: Panasonic 3DO Collector's Review Spectacular

Episode 14 - Brain of Danger: Dangerous Seed Review for Sega Mega Drive

Episode 21 - Defend Her? I Hardly Know Her! Defender Arcade Review for Atari 2600

Episode 22 - Invaders from the Top of the Screen! Space Invaders reviews

Episode 23 - Super Game Gear Invades From Space Invaders Review

Episode 24 - Enter The 5200 Chambers of Tempest and Yars' Revenge LP Review