CGR Supreme Series 2 Lineup
CGR Supreme Series 2 Lineup – Click to view episode list
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Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2 Signed
Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2 Signed

Vectrex Guidebook
All Hail the Vectrex: Ultimate Collector’s Review Guide
Chicago 1933 World's Fair Book
Chicago 1933 World’s Fair: A Century of Progress in Photographs
Heyzoos #3 Cover
Heyzoos #3 Signed

Newest books including Amazing Ocean: Undersea Coloring Book for Adults, Chicago 1933 World’s Fair: A Century of Progress in Photographs, and ALL HAIL THE VECTREX!

New Old Timey Pictures with Silly Captions Mugs!

Welcome to Classic Game Room – publisher of history, art, gaming, comic books, manga, coloring books, and more. Classic Game Room started as the original Internet video game review show that evolved into a publishing house & clothing design company.

Created by Mark Bussler, CGR is the first Internet video game review show. Classic Game Room started life in 1999 and ran until the year 2000 when it disappeared for nearly a decade (in that time Mark produced documentary films.) A new series called Classic Game Room HD launched on YouTube in 2008. CGR ran until early 2018 when it was replaced by Classic Game Room 2085 on Amazon and Vimeo. In 2019, Classic Game Room Internet video game review production ceased.

After numerous struggles with video distribution via YouTube and Amazon, combined with relatively poor viewership and content theft, Mark was no longer able to devote the time into Classic Game Room and chose to instead focus on publishing, drawing, art and design. Classic Game Room Publishing currently publishes more than 100 print and digital books, 2000 clothing, wall-art and kitchen products, documentary films, and much of the Classic Game Room catalog on physical media. If you have questions on where to find a product please Contact Us.

Mark currently works full-time in publishing, design, and manga / comic book creation. He is releasing four series for 2nd-half 2019 including Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, Omega Ronin, Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken, and Magnum Skywolf. Mark is an avid runner, science fiction junkie, comic book enthusiast and beer snob to the max.

A 20th-Anniversary Special for Classic Game Room may be in the works for physical media release.

The Classic Game Room 2085 video series is on Amazon Prime.

CGR Supreme Series 2 (Volumes 7-12) is in production! Those who want to own physical copies of their favorite Classic Game Room releases can rejoice! Late 2019 release date TBD. Episode list TBD.

– NEW – The Drawing with Lord Karnage series returned full-speed ahead in July 2019! Mark Bussler gives video tutorials on drawing inside software packages such as Procreate, Clip Studio and Photoshop. Using books like Omega Ronin as an example, Mark guides viewers through the manga and comic book creation process from start to finish. Drawing with Lord Karnage can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo. The drawing time-lapse videos can be seen on Instagram and TikTok (user Omega Ronin)

In 2019 Mark Bussler returns to documentary filmmaking. He is producing a feature-length film about the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City (late 2019 – untitled) Join the CGR Mailing List for updates!

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Summer 2019 (tentative)

  • Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2
  • Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken 3
  • Omega Ronin 1
  • Dinosaur adult coloring book
  • 1939 New York World’s Fair Book
  • 1939 New York World’s Fair Documentary Film (Amazon/Vimeo/Physical Release)
  • Manga Fight Pose Guidebook
  • Robot Women Adult Coloring Book

Fall/Winter 2019 (tentative)

  • Mark’s Beer Guidebook
  • Robot Kitten Factory 1
  • Cosmic Death Brick Adventures: Gleaming the Event Horizon
  • Magnum Skywolf 1
  • 1904 World’s Fair Photographic Adventure
  • WW1: A Dramatic Collection of Images Volume 2
  • And more!

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