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Top Gear 2 - Super Nintendo

Top Gear 2 is an improved sequel over the first, delivering another great racing experience for the Super Nintendo!
  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer: Gremlin Interactive
  • Publisher: Kemco
  • Players: 1-2 Player
  • Donated by: Benjamin from Buffalo, NY, USA
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Something about this game takes me back to the Amiga days. Its a ton of fun upgrading your car, the music rocks and the chatting your driver does is just a neat inclusion that you don't see in other games. Fun retro racer that still holds up today!!

my second favorite racing game on the snes, another great soundtrack, the ability to upgrade your car, a fast paced gameplay and lots of tracks.

Well now, this one looks A LOT better then the prequel. This one I could play.

Hopefully you picked it up and played it, i see you wanted a recommendation. Well i'm giving you one. It still holds up today! Go and play it!
My brother and I had this game when we were kids and I still have it CIB to this day. It was one of the better racing games on the SNES, fast, fun, upgradable cars, good graphics, just a blast to play. My only complaints are the lack of other car models to race as and maybe more tracks, otherwise it's super fun and a must own for anybody that has a SNES.

tidusantuna33, I would recommend it. It's simple and fun. You can upgrade your cars tires, engine, suspension, etc which makes your car faster and handle better and I think you can change the color of your car. It's very arcadey but in a very good way, the controls are tight, and the graphics while not mind blowing are nice and have held up well over the years. If you have a SNES yeah, I'd say pick this one up for sure.
I've never played the original or this one. Looking at this game from a modern perspective, would you recommend me playing this game ? I'm indifferent about racing games. I like playing them but, if I don't play them, I wouldn't care either.
This game is so simple and straight forward. It's like a 16 bit version of Enduro for the Atari 2600. There is only one model of car, but you can change color and buy upgrades that end up making your car much faster and sturdier. I think the simple to pick up and play yet hard to master gameplay (try to win all races on the higher difficulty level) and the upgrades are what make this game so addicting. It's actually to this date one of my favorite racing games.

I've never played enduro for the Atari 2600. Seeing as you have played this game, would you recommend someone with neutral interest in racing games to play this ?


TOP GEAR 2 review for Super Nintendo
Added by: CGR
TOP GEAR 2 review for Super Nintendo
Added by: CGR Undertow

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