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Tomb Raider - PlayStation 3

Pour two parts King Kong into a mixer with two parts Apocalypse Now and shake vigorously. Lara Croft crash lands on an island and shoots her way through archaeology in this action-packed reboot of the Tomb Raider series.
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Rating: M
  • Players: 1-Player, Multiplayer
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the is a great game. if you a fan of stealth action suvivel, this is for you. when i played it i keeped thinking how this reminds me of farcry or MGS 3, this isn't a tomb raider game. it my have lara croft in it, but thats about it.

Great gameplay, great graphics and a lot of action! The only weak point in the game is the lack of logic. A lot of things doesn't make sense, but the game is totally worth it!

Have the Definitive Edition. Reminds me of Pitfall for some reason, as well as Rambo. Extremely gruesome, but has an awesome story and amazing characterization.

Awesome game, they invested more in the action but still it was an amazing experience. Hope to see a TR2 with more puzzles and exploration.

A very well performed game with an intense storyline. However I missed some of the older games music and style, with wonderful hidden temples and harder puzzles.

For the most part this game was fun but after the story I was not compelled to do anything else.

crystal dynamics really made a good job

This game is a must play in my opinion their is a excellent story and is open to grasp everything the game has to offer. you can find parts for your weapons and salvage to upgrade there are also tombs hidden threw out the game each having a puzzle to solve. I also enjoyed the take on physics based puzzles this game offered . Hunting is also a task the player can take part in. Also there is multiplayer to partake in its nothing special but it also is not bad and fun to be had... Lara is back.

This isn't a tomb raider game a tomb raider is puzzles and finding treasure, this is Rambo meets laura croft

This is one of the best games of 2013 the story is nothing that will get you but the gameplay and the graphics are amazing fells like uncharted but with a darker tone to it.


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 Pokemon: FireRed - Game Boy Advance
"This is a good game but I still like leafgreen a lil better because of the exclusive pokemon, although I had this first. I really feel like this didn't improve much on the gen 1 games except you won't have to worry about this running out of battery as easily as the originals. There are some things that are new like the ability to travel to another location after u beat it and the ability to rebattle trainers in game. Get both of these remakes if u like pokemon." - lukefonfabre388

 Truxton - Sega Genesis
"I get a kick out of the Truxton song. LOL! "I AM TRUXTON! SCREW YOU!"" - dustinnunn1988

 Beyond Good and Evil - PlayStation 2
"This is no longer an underrated gem, but if you got a ps2 get this if you got a ps3 try the HD version. This is an amazing game it's got great graphics, good gameplay mechanics, a great soundtrack, a killer story, an incredible world, the stealth gameplay is great, and it all comes together for one heck of a game. Now if a sequel ever gets made let's hope it's even better then this since they could improve upon an already amazing game." - lukefonfabre388

 Mega Man X Collection - PlayStation 2
"Incredible. Collects MegaMan X 1-6, as well as Battle and Chase as an unloackable title. The presentation is cool looking, although somewhat basic and streamlined compared to MegaMan Anniversary Collection. However, it works here. It's cool to compare the SNES era titles to the PS1 era titles. My one gripe is that the only version of X3 is the PS1 version - which is ok, but the music and sound effects sound somewhat offputting - would have been nice to have the option. A must have for X fans!" - svenbtb

 Mega Man Anniversary Collection - Nintendo GameCube
"Essential must-have for Mega Man fans. It collects Mega Man 1-8, as well as two Mega Man arcade games which were previously never outside Japan (which are awesome multiplayer games). The presentation here is great too - you can tell this was a collection made with a lot of love - including unlockable artwork and music. The only downside is that on the GCN version the buttons are swapped - which can be slightly annoying but honestly sn't too bad. If you like Mega Man, you need this." - svenbtb