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Tales of Xillia - PlayStation 3

We don't care how you pronounce it, it's still fifty hours or so of RPG action, with an awesome soundtrack and silliness in all the right places.
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Namco Tales Studio
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Rating: Teen (T)
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Loved the story. Loved the battle system. Loved the characters. Loved the game.

The thing about the Tales series is that each game is unique and each game is deliver in its own way. And I think the Tales of Xillia is a great game and everyone should try it.

In the world of sterile RPG games devoid of creativity, and length comes a breath of visually striking and amazing fresh air. The entire plot is bullshit, but that familiar JRPG bullshit you love. At the game's start it sounds foreign, but by the end you'll be speaking the language fluently. A rich and quirky game full of suspense, plot twists and a great story. Overall a very charing game.

Still waiting for an epic Tales of... again, this one looked like it would be the one to bring back all the fun I had but near the end it just got kinda pointless and being able to play as the other char isn't as nice as it would look.

I really love the battle system. It was one of the best if not the best battle system. The story was okay I didn't fell all that for the story line some of it I did but most of it it was alright. But i really like the cast the characters was good.I like Alvin the most he's more interesting. As for Jude and Milla they have their moments but it just fell kid of cheesy to me anyway but some parts was pretty good. Xillia is a great game if you like Jrpg you should get it.

Tales of... this game is a very good game and a proud addition to the tales series, the story and the characters are enjoyable, the music could be better but even a not so great Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack is better than most others and the battle system is very fun. So it's definitely worth a buy and more than one playthrough

It's a very good game, but in comparison to other modern Tales games, I found Xillia to be a bit lacking. It was also much shorter. I did practically everything in the game in about 73 hours. Vesperia, Graces, and Legendia, I put in 100+ hours into each and still had things left to complete. The battle system is excellent, especially the linking ability. However, the game isn't much of a challenge compared to other Tales games. A good modern JRPG, but I'd recommend Vesperia or Abyss instead.

Lucas Gremista
it doesnt matter whether the reviews are positive or not, every time a game from the tales series comes up, sign me up!

One of the better Tales games. Nice cast and story, with the fast paced combat that Tales fans are used to. Not quite as good as Graces combat but Xillia does have a nice set up around team attacks and linking combos.


TALES OF XILLIA review for PlayStation 3
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Tales of Xillia Review
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