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Super Pac-Man - Arcade

Pac-Man returns in 1982 with a cape and a "Super Speed" button to eat fruits, vegetables, cake and shoes as well as some cowardly ghosts in the highly underrated Super-Pac Man!!
  • Release date: 1982
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Namco
  • Publisher: Bally Midway
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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i don't know why I keep coming back to this game, its just very addicting for some reason.

This was an interesting sequel in the Pac man world. It added keys and power ups and a little more strategy. I like the simple Pac-Man format better. One new feature was the ability to become giant and super powered. It's fun but not memorable.

Hard to improve on perfection (although Ms. Pac-Man did just that). Super Pac-Man falls flat for me. It retains the gameplay of its predecessors, but not their charm. I guess it has better graphics (shoes instead of dots?), but the original Pac-Man isn't about graphics anyway. His design couldn't be any simpler, but it is iconic, and in a way the presentation here seems like a step backward. They slapped a bow on him and called it Ms. Pac-Man and it was great, making him bigger wasn't super.

retro rocker 81
discovered this one a few years ago,and found myself playing it more than even the original pac mac which i loved the the late 80's

from the planet kripton. he can leep tall buildings in a single jump. its super pac-man.

Super Pac Man!...It's okay. Not the best Pac Man game, but it's fun. Just eat your way through plenty of levels, although it looses some of it's charm from the original, super pac man is worth a game. So try it and see if you enjoy it. It's really personal preference.


SUPER PAC-MAN arcade review
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