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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - Game Boy

Platform your way through six creative worlds to collect six coins and battle Wario in his first game appearance! Super Mario Land 2 delivers classic Mario action, spectacular music and hours of Nintendo Game Boy fun!
  • Release date: 1992
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Somehow, some way, even with no recollection of playing Mario on the Game Boy, I remember this game fondly. And hell yes, that's an ending well worth playing for!

This game made looks way more like the SNES Super Mario World, and it shows some of the the influences of the larger game on the second GB Mario release too. Another favorite in the large list of GB favs.

The only thing this game lacked was that it needs a few more worlds and levels. But this is a hallmark Gameboy experience that every gamer needs in their collection.

A fantastic Mario game. A must play. With fantastic level design and fun mechanics one could easily justify getting this on either the original Gameboy or in the 3DS Virtual Console.

Loved the music. Loved the gameplay and save features. First time I ever saw Wario. I used to play this non-stop. I figured out a lot of tricks to make it far. Used to have everything down pat. This game needs an reboot. I still have fond memories of curling up on the couch by the light at night to keep playing away till I had all 6 coins to make it in the castle where I could see the evil Wario pacing at the top.

One of the best games for the Game Boy.

Great game that took the best of the Mario series so far. Nice graphics, cool music and varied level design keeps things interesting. The game is deceptively easy, but if you want to get the secret stuff, the challenge goes up, making it perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Perhaps one of the best games on the Game Boy. Highly Recommended. One thing: you can choose your difficulty setting (easy or hard), unusual in a Mario game. Sadly every game after this seems to be stuck on easy mode

I played this game for hours on end when I was 9 years old. It's very addicting and if this was the only game you were to buy for Gameboy I think you'd be satisfied. It's that good.

While I hated the gameboy because of it's screen, games like this made it very hard to keep that hatred going haha. The game is awesome, and it looked great on my gameboy pocket which had a slightly better screen (no puke green background). Now that I've picked up a gameboy player for my gamecube I'm going to have to revisit this game and play it again...this time on a bigger screen and with some color!

next to link's awakening the best GB game IMO.

It's short. It's extremely easy. But its creative level design and characters that you didn't see before in the Mario series makes it one of the best... in the series.

Just great. Seemed very much ahead of other GB titles when it was released.

Where as Super Mario Land felt like a tiny clone game. SML2 felt like a proper entry in the Mario series.

This is a great platformer game.

thay when in a diffent way with this game and it works so well. great game.

My Brother bought a gameboy in the nineties and the women behind the desk mistakenly put this in with it! He and I had hours of fun with this fantastic platformer that is just as addictive, engaging and awesome as Marios Nes and Snes adventures. Got a gameboy? Do not hesitate to to get this also!

a huge step up in looks and gameplay since the first Mario Land, its a bit longer and it features my favorite bad guy Wario for the first time in a nintendo game. What it shares with Super Mario world is the cool map screen and individual power ups. it has much bigger sprites and fits the GB screen perfectly. It packs a nice challenge to master it 100%, but its not too hard for casuals. A six year old is able to complete it in a few got nice level variation from Lego, Haunted House..

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins improved upon its predecessor in almost every way. Better graphics, new gameplay elements, level design, etc., Super Mario Land 2 is a must-have for any Game Boy owner. This game is the equivalent of a portable version of Super Mario World.

I grew up without an NES or SNES... i had the Gameboy... this is the game that made me fall in love with Mario. and i cant forget the hundreds and hundreds of hours i played this game over and over to get ever little secret and perfect the levels. i disliked the first game so completely that i almost didnt want to play this. and i almost hated Mario. I am so glad i played this game. the best Mario game and one of the best games period on the system.

If you're looking for a good platformer for the Game Boy, look no further than this one. Here, you'll be traveling through all sort of places including the moon, an oversized house and even a giant Mario robot to pick up six golden coins and save the land from the wrath of Wario, who debuts in this game. The gameplay is solid, it's one of the easier Mario games and the action fits the small screen like a glove. This game has a couple of secrets and has a great replay value. Don't miss this one!

I wish Nintendo came back to these. The new New Super Mario games are just not the same as the old ones. This game just shows how Mario-platforming should be done. I bought the first one and I really enjoy it.

While it lacks some of the charm of the first game, it felt more like the Mario I knew on the consoles. A good game and an amazing one.

I beat this game so many times. I played it so much at one point I was able to max out the lives at 99.

Great variety in the gameplay, new enemies, creative levels. It breaks away from the original NES and SNES games due to this but also keeps the Mario gameplay attached to it and it works very well.

Fun game with great levels and a new power up(the bunny ears). This was the first Mario handheld game that was great imo. The controls are nice and the graphics really stand out even without color. Personally I like the simple gameplay here more than the Warioland games that came after it but those are good as well.

This game was high on my anticipation list years ago! High replay value, I would rank this game high on the list of must haves for your gameboy. If you enjoyed the first Super mario for the gamboy, than this is going to be an exciting sequel for you that you really shouldn't pass up.

My favourite Mario game throughout my childhood. I always loved the variety and imagination in the different zones. I really wish it had been selected for a DX version, like Link's Awakening...

Indeed a very good Gameboy game. And it's one of the best around. Good Playabillity, good music and nice graphics

One of my favorites Mario games. The music is good. the stage layout est great. Mario goes to the moon, what else do you want.

Donkey Kong
The previous entry in this handheld series was a bit disappointing in its short length, but Super Mario Land 2 is a vast improvement over the previous game's failings. Based on Super Mario World with various submaps and an overworld, this game proves to be an excellent addition to anybody's Game Boy collection. The controls are great and the power-ups are just as excellent though I do feel the worlds and enemies are a bit... odd for Mario. As if they were made for say--- Wario. Buy it THRICE!

A great platformer the handheld classic! Any game boy fan would love this game!


SUPER MARIO LAND 2: 6 Golden Coins review for Game Boy
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SUPER MARIO LAND 2: 6 GOLDEN COINS for Game Boy Video Game Review
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Twenty two years Super Mario Land 2 graced are lime screen wonder bricks (also known as the Gameboy), it was such a unique and wonderful title because... [more]
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