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Sonic Unleashed - PlayStation 3

Sonic Unleashed combines multiple game play styles to create an interesting mix of things for Sonic the Hedgehog to do. He races through hyper-fast "Sonic" style races to collect rings and beats up monsters at night when he transforms into a "were-hedgehog"!
  • Release date: 2008
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Rating: Everyone 10+ (E10+)
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Erick from Dallas, TX, USA
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Ignore the nay-sayers! This game is one of the best modern Sonic games of all time! Yes, maybe the werehog was a bit of a shot in the dark, but I really do suggest playing this game, it's super sonic speed at its best! And the werehog levels? They can be pretty fun too if you're in the right mindset.

(cont) 10:There are more Werehog missions than Day time missions, but I find them simple and fun. (Yes I Like the Werehog, so what) 11: Some of the boss fights are different 12: Some Collectables are found in levels and from NPC. 13: And finally, Eggman land is properly divided into day and night. For me the PS2 version is better than the HD version, and has the best controls over any of the other versions. This was also the first, Sonic game I was able to 100% so I enjoyed it.

(Cont.) though they seem to me to have been more like filler in the PS3 version. 4: the control are easier to pick up, given the fact that it gives a tutorial when you start the game. 5: the into plays before the main menu, I think it looks better. 6: The citys are down sized to a select an area formate, and use the towns foke to unlock the entrance to the Gaia Gate to go to the levels. 7: No Plane mini game, so its automatic. 8: Sonic has no level ups, and the Werehog are preset. (cont)

I have the PS2 version, and it is totally different than this version. The story is the same, yes but that is it. To elaborate on how it is different: 1: The Sun/Moon medals are awarded based on either beating a level, or meeting certain requirements when you beat a stage. They are used to unlock doors in the Gaia Gate, with leads to puzzle rooms for unlockables and 1-ups to add to overall life count. 2: level design is diff. 3 Mazuri stages and all of Empire City are cut. (cont.)

This game is... a hard sell. The graphics and cinemas boast fantastic production values. And the Daytime levels are a blast to play. However, the story is utterly silly and those Werehog stages are a CHORE. So much of a chore that it's hard to keep wanting to play. There's as many positives as there are negatives in this game, so proceed with caution.

The only thing I like about this game is that I can play as sonic in daytime, because at night when you play as a werehog it's less fun.

This game is terrible. It is not a Sonic game. This makes as much sense as a Mario City Simulator. The game is just slow and boring.

This game is AWESOME! The graphics are just amazing, the werehog levels are actually fun (unlike PS2/Wii), the day stages are the best thing about it, for you go so fast and do so much cool things.

This game is decent and has some really fun daytime levels but the werehog stages are a chore and not very fun. For me it's comparable to the Sonic Adventure games where I liked the standard platforming levels but didn't like others. For 3D Sonic I like Heroes, Colors, and Generations the best.

Be sure to get the HD version if you want to check out this game.

The fun factor's there, and I never had any qualms with the nighttime stages, but in the daytime stages you'll sometimes feel like you're fighting against the level designs, as it's still all too easy to fly right into the wild blue yonder. Sometimes slowdown and sudden enemy pop-up becomes a bit of an issue, and some levels don't seem to be meant for time trial challenges at all, especially Eggmanland. Still, prepare to log some time into this one. It's OK, but this game could've been better.

I find this game to be horribly underrated simply for the existence of the werehog levels. Without this game, we wouldn't have the great gameplay from Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations. While the werehog levels do break the flow of the game (as does the system of having to search for the medals), and let's not even touch the monstrosity that is the final Eggmanland level, they're certainly not horrible and in fact I'd love to see a Knuckles spinoff using that gameplay. All in all, a great game.

I liked this game a bit, even the werehog stages. There were only a few times that I got frustrated with the werehog stages, and while the collecting may have been a bit tedious, the daytime stages made up for it in my opinion. It is the fastest sonic has ever gone, and you get such a sense of adrenaline watching Sonic run at super speeds. That not to say that all the stages are just running, as some stages require thinking, to get to secret places. Overall, this game is pretty good.

This game is okay I guess, I liked Sonic Heroes a lot more than this one & and still do, Unleashed is a game that is very vague in my memory.


SONIC UNLEASHED review for PlayStation 3
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