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Sonic 3D Blast - Sega Genesis

Sonic goes isometric in his fight against Dr. Robotnik. Using rendered sprites and focusing energy on maze-like level design, this departure from traditional Sonic titles stands out amongst the litany of other Hedgehog titles during the Genesis era.
  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Traveller's Tales
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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I wonder how much better it would be if it was tilted 45 degrees. It still holds nostalgic appeal with me but I didn't get very far when revisiting it on the emulator. The music is nice and so are following flickies but even with its redeeming qualities, one should spare themselves this particular blast from the past.

Smash Bros Maestro
I don't think it's as bad as everyone says. The graphics are neat looking considering this is for the Genesis, though it's not as artistically impressive as the 2D Sonic games. And collecting stuff in this game is surprisingly fun. I think the biggest problems with 3D Blast are that 1. the game is never fast, and 2. the gameplay gets old after about 10 or 15 minutes. I can't recommend buying this game on its own, but chances are if you DO play this game, it'll be off of Sonic's Mega Collection.

Kinda bad. The flicky-saving gameplay is boring compared to other Sonic games and the controls and perspective will have you crashing into hazards that you meant to avoid. That said, the soundtrack is excellent and it deserved to be in a better game.

This game can be fun. The bad points are the slippery controls, a poor isometric viewpoint and a boring, game long objective. Save the birds. That's it. the music is good and the boss battles are the best part of the game. some time the game opens up and becomes fun. That's only when the bids are easy to find and the controls aren't holding you back

This was a disaster only redeeming quality is the music that's the only reason I give this a 2 never will understand why they took Sonic out of 2d format skip this one if you never played it

Nothing you can ever say to me, will justify this game's existence.

Ok I really thought this was a awful game, I wonder who brainwashed the other reviewers

There is a major learning curve involved in mastering the controls and perspective in this game. For what it is, I think it looks pretty damn good. The music is great, as always. What you end up with is an extremely challenging Sonic game. Not challenging because of enemies, but challenging because it's like trying to drive drunk...and blindfolded. It can be fun, though. I suggest everyone try it.

Citizen G
by far not the worst game i have played and is actually quite enjoyable once you get used to it

Shabazz thinks it's shit

I agree with shabazz
This might be the best review I've ever read. On anything.
Slippery controls, momentum and an isometric perspective don't work well together. I remember getting this game for birthday when I was 13 and puking out of dizziness from the first minutes of play - but I soldiered on, and eventually came to grips with the perspective. Graphics look OK - all pre-rendered 3D - but the main thing in this title is the music, it's just incredible.

A game that I think is underrated. Technically the first time sonic is in full 3D, I think it is quite fun with amazing special stages and interesting enemies, but sometimes Sonic is a bit hard to control. There are lots of levels and bosses to beat, proving for a game that will last a while.


SONIC 3D BLAST for Sega Genesis Video Game Review
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