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Sin and Punishment - Nintendo 64

This ultra-challenging, enigmatic shooter on rails features a bizarre storyline, odd cut scenes and terrible voice acting combined with some of the best game play found on the Nintendo 64.
  • Release date: 2000
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Treasure
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Players: 1-Player, Co-op
  • Donated by: Lauri from Finland
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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It's not often you see balls-out lightning quick arcade action on the N64, but this is one such example. It's like a 3d scrolling Cabal mixed with other influences, and done with a lot of creativity. Once you master the controls, it feels like nothing else. I highly recommend this one.

Well, first thing I noticed is it has a nice idea for a run and gun game. I like the premise of this game and I wish more games came out like this. The graphics look different and I like the backgrounds. The enemies look nicely designed but the voice acting stinks. The variety of weapons is a nice touch for the game in which you can choose from close range to long range weapons. I would like to play this game.

this looks great. got to get it on the Virtual console.

Its one hell of a Strange Game, but its also pretty short. It was very expensive back in the Day but since it got released on the Wii Shop, it can be bought for cheap, Its a Game that has to be played to feel it.

Sin & Punishment features the sort of tough-but-fair action that can hook in almost anyone, whether you're playing just for thrills or to reach a high score. Each level is memorable, and each one of them offers you opportunities to approach it slightly differently on your next playthrough, in order to either rack up more points or to not die as often! Both the shooting and the swordplay are extremely satisfying. Overall, the game is a showpiece for what the N64 hardware can really do!

Lord Isacatt
Great game! Works perfectly with the classic controler! Download it on the virtual console, NOW!

This game looks fun. It makes you wonder why they didn't release it in the US.

Amazing game! Cut the tabs out of your US N64s and import this game NOW!

Agent 0.07
really a wonderful game by the famous developer Treasure, really wish it had an ntsc release


SIN AND PUNISHMENT review for Nintendo 64
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