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SHOCK TROOPERS: 2nd SQUAD review for Neo-Geo MVS - Classic Game Room
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Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad - Neo-Geo MVS

We must defeat D.I.C.!!! Shock Troopers returns with a new cast of characters (four total) and explosions galore as you mow down cartoony enemies filled with blood and gore in this awesome top-down action game for Neo-Geo MVS!!
  • Release date: 1998
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Saurus
  • Publisher: SNK
  • Rating: Mature 17+ (M)
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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"I'm ballsy! I'm a stud! I don't take **** from anyone!" Can't beat a bit of the old Shock Troopers right there.

dosn't look that bad. but then again i'v not played it.

Honestly, it felt much different than the first one, but it is not a bad thing. I enjoyed the chaos, the spritework, and the animations a ton. Keeps the spirit of the game while doing its own thing.


SHOCK TROOPERS: 2nd SQUAD review for Neo-Geo MVS
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