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Satazius - PC

The year is THE FUTURE and aliens, space ships and end bosses are about to get blown the F@#! up in Satazius for the PC, an old-school style horizontally scrolling space ship shoot 'em up from Astro Port and Capcom!
  • Release date: 2011
  • Genre: SHMUP
  • Developer: Astro Port
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Not perfect but a decent shmup on Steam for cheap which is somewhat of a rarity, Steam needs more of these

I bought this game and i have to say its cheap and fun as hell

Dam I was just searching for reviews of that game and I stumble on your review, now that's destiny xD


SATAZIUS review for PC
Added by: CGR

 Nanotek Warrior - PlayStation
"Mostly okay. The controls are fine, but the gameplay is pretty basic and the difficulty can be brutal at times. The perspective shift when you move your ship around the level can also give you a headache." - fasttquick

 Road Rash - Sega CD
"Although the gameplay is the same as the Genesis version and is quite good, this is the last version of Road Rash you'll want to get. The game uses the same build as the Genesis version and isn't as deep as the 32-bit versions. The cutscenes are also badly compressed and pixelated. At least the soundtrack is okay." - fasttquick

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 Remember Me - Xbox 360
"A rhythm-based combat game with platforming. The combat was quite Batman-esque and the platforming was in Uncharted-style. Overall the combat was really fun but at times I felt that the margins for error were far too small. Also, the camera angles were sometimes really bad.The boss fights were awesome though, as each boss required a very specific set of moves or techniques. The visual design was beautiful and the storyline interesting enough for a sci-fi game. Cool game, but expect a challenge." - unsheep


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