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Retro/Grade - PC

Retro/Grade is part space ship shooter and part music game which makes it Gradius meets Guitar Hero!! Play a space battle in reverse while dodging enemy fire and collecting your own shots backwards to the beat in this clever game from 24 Caret Games.
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Music
  • Developer: 24 Caret Games
  • Publisher: 24 Caret Games
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Shard Shinjuko on Steam
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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A horizontal space ship shooter combined with a rhythm game - played in reverse! It sounds crazy, but it actually works remarkably well. The colors are really bright and flashy - almost distractedly so at points, and it runs really smooth. The gameplay itself is unique, and makes you think about what it means to be a shmup or a rhythm game, and how there's really rhythm in every game genre. There are several difficulty levels, a challenge mode, and leader boards to keep you busy. Check it out!


RETRO/GRADE for PC review
Added by: CGR

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