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Parasol Stars - TurboGrafx-16

Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III from Taito and Working Designs was released in 1991 for the TurboGrafx-16 game console. Players control Bubby or Bobby and hop through colorful arcade style levels to stun enemies using a magic parasol. You then throw them around the screen for points, fruit, beer, ice cream and other assorted sweets!! Hooray, beer!
  • Release date: 1991
  • Genre: Platformer, Puzzle
  • Developer: Taito
  • Publisher: Working Designs
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • Donated by: Nicholas from Orlando Park, IL, USA
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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An interesting puzzle game that is more enjoyable than it is in depth. Replay value is in the mid to high range, especially if your a high score kinda gamer. It will add a nice change of game style to your TG-16 /PC-engine away from the usual shooter of the day. Marks review was spot on, enjoyed his perceptive of the game. Thanks Nicholas for the donation.

An excellent, fun and very colourful action puzzler that will delight many. Charming and fun this is a must have.


PARASOL STARS review for TurboGrafx 16
Added by: CGR

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