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Laser Blast - Atari 2600

As commander of an intergalactic fleet you're engaged in a life or death battle with a deadly foe but you have lasers, lots of lasers, and you'll use them to ZAP the enemy to bits!
  • Release date: 1981
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Activision
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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I did like the steering the ship onto enemies after being shot down...fond memories

I vividly remember not liking this game. I had it for 10 years and I'm sure I only played it 2-3 times. (only Checkers was played less) I'll give it a star for allowing you to kamakazi the enemy after you're hit.

Alas, here is an Activision game I can't really enjoy. The other reviewers are correct, succeeding in the game all comes down to the same timing again and again. It really needed some kind of random element to mix things up a bit as you go along. Oddly, the game only becomes fun if you make a mistake in your timing. Then you find yourself having to dodge some instantaneous weapons fire. The more you play the game, the less you'll find that happening, however.

Like d4po said, once you find the rhythm it's the same thing over and over I'm pretty sure I have one of the highest scores in this game, I still think it's a great game though

Once you master it, it's so easy it's basically unplayable.

I played this game till I mastered it even at it's hardest level, and it still got stale after a while. its really not as hard as it looks once you remember to always keep moving and time your shots.

The game looks repetitive and like it might get boring real fast. Although I do like the spin Marc put on it with the dramatic music and how he tried to hype it up. That was probably the most interesting part of the review.

Although limited, I like the sounds in this game. It does get repetitive pretty quickly though.

this is a great game. when you master it, it becomes lots of fun.

Laser Blast takes a little while to get used to. Once you figure out how to dodge the fire of the tanks it is a fun game. It is cool getting to play as the enemy UFO instead of the person trying to destroy the UFO. My main issue with the game is it is repetitive and does not have a whole lot of replay value.

A great fun game. One of my favorites when I first played it, however, it gets repetitive fast. It's the same thing for levels and levels. I still think it's a really fun and good game, and I like how you play as the UFO. Awesome thinking by Activision.


LASER BLAST review for Atari 2600
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By Philip Hanan Wanna have a blast? Wanna have a laser blast? Then, play Laser Blast for your Atari 2600!!! (I should write commercials). Laser Blast... [more]
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