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Hotline Miami - PC

Ultra violent, over the top action mixed with a pounding 1980s style soundtrack and early 90s visuals makes Hotline Miami an incredibly decadent good time!
  • Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Dennaton Games
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Rating: M
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Undescribable. Even if most of my buddies detest it, Hotline Miami is for me an absolute masterpiece of elegant gore and chaotic music. Can't wait for the sequel.

Excellent Game, difficult and exciting, its remind me about LOADED on PlayStation But more violent and bloody. i played the PS3 version it awesome...

The game is fun and fast. It doesn't give you much of a tutorial, or an objective, just GO without dying or being caught in some cases. The story is actually fairly enjoyable and deep for such a low-maintenance game. Like many other great games, it's easy to learn but fun to master.

im sorry, it lacks polish and could have been developed better.but you can choose to play like an indie game, or a long session(never sleep) type of game

great classic looking game. The best part is that it is a quick game to be played in small sessions(one challenging level at a time) great style and music help it become a great overhead old school shooter.

I love this game. It doesn't waste your time with needless padding and almost every moment of it delivers a high concentration of fun. You'll probably die more times than you succeed but its challenge level is so perfectly-balanced that you'll want to give it one more go. Getting back into the action is quick and painless. Success in tricky bits can come from puzzling over the problem, taking it slowly and stealthily or going in guns blazing. The music must be heard, the game must be played!

Makes your blood pumping to the beat of the soundtrack with its crazy pace and atmosphere. Virtual violence at its finest. However, the crown jewel of the game is gameplay, as it should always be. My personal 2012 GOTY.

It's a good game, but it lacks polish. Sounds great though, and I love the style.

Big Tuna
This game is just brutal, both in it's violence and difficulty. But it still is a ton of fun and very replayable. It's surreal tone, visuals, and awesome soundtrack really convey the plot in such a unique way that the game really stands out from the crowd. Despite a few nitpicks I have, the game is a lot of fun to be had and is perfect for anyone who wants a dose of weirdness and a challenge.

For 15 dollars this is an amazing game. This game is a tough and mostly fair, with a great story and awesome soundtrack I highly recommend.

sorry I meant to give it five stars.
Fast, brutal fun, and a kick-ass soundtrack to boot. There's so much to like about this game, give it a shot.

Excellent soundtrack and top quality gameplay.

Good soundtrack, great gameplay, and acid 80's visuals make this game a real treat! Retro-style difficulty and trial-n-error gameplay might turn off some people, though. It's also not very long, you can beat this game in 5 hours even if you're not all that good at it. There are some nice unlockables though, so it does have a lot of replay value. This game rewards fast brutal gameplay and skill, so don't pull any punches!

Donkey Kong
This game is like a fever dream, going from one level to next as the colors and sway of the graphics hypnotize you until the final screen. I felt compelled to get the best combos but I just could not pull them off all the time as getting the best rank in each level takes a bit of practice. Thankfully dying just sends you back to the start of the screen so there's no worries of a game over. I'd say the music is by far the best thing about the game. The soundtrack is just so amazingly alluring!

Going in I didn't expect this game to be that great but by now i've spent tons of hours playing it. The music and sound effects are great and the story is just good enough to keep you wanting to play.

Do you like hurting other people? Hotline Miami puts you in the driving seat of a drive-by murderer going from room to room taking out gangsters in creative adrenaline pumping action game, both PC and Vita versions are worth getting your hands on as both have responsive and precise controls. The OST also makes the game worth a purchase with it's Drive-esq soundtrack, making the entire experience wholesome.

Absolutely amazing. The soundtrack is fantastic, the late 80's/early 90's vibe is awesome and the gameplay is truly addicting. Just be prepared to die...a lot. This game is very difficult but it's also the reason why it's so great as each time you get killed, you'll try to think of different approaches to clearing out rooms full of enemies. A must buy for anyone looking for a downloadable game.

Priceless Persuader
The sondtrack... It's just so damn good.

Love it!

It somehow became one of my top ten favorite games of all time. It has everything I love into one game the fast paced arcade like action the music is the genre I like the grindhouse violence and the graphics are pretty good too.


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