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Gran Turismo - PlayStation

Setting the standard for simulation racing games was Polyphony Digital's 140 car deep Gran Turismo. Take tests to boost your license level and soak up high-end visuals with superior car models in this mega PlayStation hit.
  • Release date: 1998
  • Genre: Driving/Racing
  • Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Rating: Everyone (E)
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • Donated by: Kris from Jersey City, NJ, USA
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
  • SCUS-94194
  • 711719419426
  • Tags: GT, PS1, Racing game
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Changed the way we look at racing games forever. It is a stellar beginning to a legendary franchise. Pushed the hardware of the PlayStation to its limits and has stood the test of time to this day. If you play this game once through, you definitely haven't seen the whole game. Replay value is very high for this game and the rest of the GT series.

This game blew me away when it came out. I had never played a racing game that was so realistic before this. Loved the kinda CarPG grind in this too. Still a fantastic racer to this day. :)

the frist in a line of great games. it was so fresh to see a driving game like this.

Still a fun game but also a reminder of how much graphics quality can change over time.

Fatlazychicken 51
This is the first Gran Turismo of the series. The music in this game is extremely memorable. I remember playing this game on a demo disc along with Spyro the dragon back then. Everything in the game is very well done, and the cars looked very good for back then. Gran Turismo 1 was a true revolution and important milestone in racing game history!

The overturn in this game is crazy but its still a solid game. It seems more fast pace then in future versions which makes it worth buying even if you have future versions other then 2.

I can remember staring at screenshots of this game for hours in Playstation Magazine. I remember how excited i was when i finally got it and i was like "wow... games can look and play this good" haha so long ago.

GT to this day is still a fantastic racing game

this game alone got me into gaming, enough said

The second video game I ever owned. While I didn't play it until much later (around 2004), the instant I finally popped it into my PSone, I realized how big a fool I was for ignoring it for so long. While subsequent GT titles became more focused on the 'true racer' aspect, this game didn't care about making effective racing lines or being too accurate. And that's why I love this game.

This game was THE reason I embraced the PlayStation. One of the deepest racers for the time, GT deserved all the praise it got 15 years ago, and is still very much playable today. It was also the game that inspired me to know more about cars. Long live Special Stage Route 11!

for me, SSR11 is still the best track in gt games EVER!!!!
When i popped this game into my PlayStation back in 98, i had no idea that it was going to be one of the greats.

The start to the greatest racing game series of all time. The graphics don't hold up today but the gameplay certainly does so if you've never played it you owe it to yourself to part with $5 and pick up this fantastic game.

The game that started it all. GT was amazing back then and still is now.


CGR Macro - Gran Turismo 1 High Speed Ring
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CGR Macro - Gran Turismo 1 Grand Valley East Track
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Gran Turismo for PS1
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Gran Turismo for PlayStation
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