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Game.com Pocket Pro - Tiger Game.com

Be a pocket professional with the Tiger Game.com Pocket Pro handheld game system from Tiger Electronics. This smaller model boasts a terrible screen, terrible games and lousy "light up" screen but uses fewer batteries and fits into your pocket so that you never have to see it again!
  • Release date: 1997
  • Genre: Console
  • Developer: Tiger Electronics
  • Publisher: Tiger Electronics
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Andrew from Burlington, NJ, USA
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Like Father Like Son they both suck

Same turd, new wrapper.

I have the pink non-backlit version of this handheld. While it dosen't exactly turn the Game.com from The Worst Handheld Ever to The Greatest Handheld Ever the GCPP is still an improvement over the original Com. First it makes the unit smaller, a perfect pocket friendly little machine running on only two AA's. Also you don't need to hit the Sound button to mute the unit. Sadly there is no improvement on the game library and the screen (even on the lit one) isn't much better than the older unit.

This handheld actually had potential, there were a lot of great ideas here. There were lots of seemingly good games being brought over to it as well. Unfortunately, Tiger went with the absolute cheapest screen tech they could, and killed the system.

I have the game.com's and man do they suck horribly. You cant see the screen and even if you could the refresh is so bad you don't want to. However the worse portable system is still Tiger's R-Zone head set. Its a cheap knock off of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Its so bad they came out with a different version that doesn't strap to the head called the super screen. Try those they suck even worse!

the game.com pro, when you need some thing to realy suck.


Added by: CGR
GAME.COM POCKET PRO Video Game Hardware Review
Added by: CGR Undertow

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