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Fallout 3 - Xbox 360

Lord Karnage will describe this when he's good and ready!! All hail Lord Karnage, the Vectrex and his magic El Camino.
  • Release date: 2008
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Rating: Mature 17+ (M)
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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A beautiful and dangerous wasteland awaits you in this highly regarded post-apocalyptic RPG. Vicious creatures and murderous people lurk everywhere. Luckily for you, real-time combat works great. There’s also a VATS system that allows you to queue up attacks to unleash a deadly barrage with no twitch skills required. You’ll discover mysterious locations and interesting characters in the desolate ruins of Washington DC. Save whatever’s left of it, or crush it into the earth. Your choice.

The sheer amount of what you can o in this game is staggering. a true testament in examining morality and choice, this game is epic. great environments, NPCs with some personality, and engaging combat that was both satisfying and rewarding, it was an incredible adventure

This was the game where I started getting into rpgs Oblivion Was OK But I Felt It Was Too Nerdy For Me .... And I Asked Myself What Is A Game Similar To Oblivion But Cooler And More My Style If you love post apocalyptic settings mixed with rpg style 3rd person/1st person shooter Adventure then fallout three is for you its a must have to be honest....I Spent Countless Hours On This Game addicting

Hands down one of the best games I have ever played. I have put over 300 hours into this game and I don't think it will ever get old. An absolute modern masterpiece that New Vegas could never top.

New Vegas actually toped it terms of gameplay (it's far more tactical) and some RPG mechanics..
I seriously recommend this game to anyone who does not own a copy of it. It's so cheap nowadays that even if you buy it and hate it, you've wasted little - no money. It's an open world, sandbox, first person, RPG. The story is long and engaging, there are a number of side quests which add to the huge size of the game, your actions change your 'Karma' which has an impact on how NPCs view and intercat with your character, so your actions really do change the game!

If you have not played this game, you should put at least 50 hours into it then walk away from it.

One of the best games ever made. Must have. Beautiful world, and just fun overall. Get it, can't stress it enough.

I understand the appeal of this game: a huge immersive open-world to explore, many ways to customize your character, lengthy campaign, you can interact with the NPCs and make ethical choices that influence the storyline. Plus it has an interesting sci-fi setting. However I still found this to be rather boring. Progression is slow and tedious, and there's a severe lack of variety for a game this long. While everything else is done quite well, the gameplay itself is simply not that interesting.

If you are getting games for the Xbox 360 or the PS3 get this game. This game is one of my favorite games of all time. Great game.

Sorry to tell this, but this has been one of the worst games I´ve ever played. The Fallout 1 and 2 were pretty cool, but this one wasn´t, besides, it´s so full of glitches that it looks like a beta or an incomplete game.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys shooters and RPG's. This is an open world game which puts you right in the middle of a utterly destroyed Washington D.C. You will be searching for loot, guns, partners in crime, and bad guys to kill. The only thing that got me down about this game is that after a while, you become almost god like and to me, it gets repetitive and leaves me longing for more.

This game is great! By far my favourite fallout game made yet! A classic! This game is a bit easier then fallout new Vegas but fallout 3 is by far better

I just popped by to say that this is my favorite game of all time. There isn't one thing in here I would change, Bethesda really hit the nail on the head. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go neck a Quantum and overthrow a small "republic".

This the best Fallout game to date, the open world, the story, and the game play were really good. Set in a wasteland gave you a lonesome feeling. But most of all the freedom in this game was amazing. A must buy! I really recommend it!

A massive post nuclear role playing game, there is all ways to do and there are all ways enemies for you to turn into a red paste. The story is good. Fallout on a high difficulty can be quite tricky. On the pc you can mod it to add more content or make the much more harder.

Bethsoft's weakest effort on the 360 is still an amazing game, though i much prefer pretty much everything about new vegas, Fallout 3 captures the experience of traversing a post-apocalyptic wasteland about as closely as you can without nuking Washington DC.

Let me start by saying that I really gave this game a chance, I played through the main game and point lookout before I finally gave in and proclaimed... I DON"T LIKE IT!! I understand the appeal the story was very good and there was a lot of stuff to do but the game play is so stiff. I hated the way the controls felt and the constant pausing to use V.A.T.S system just took me out of the experience. The story was good, but for me game play come first.

Massive game , never short of stuff to do , people to meet , and enemies to destroy. Despite some texture and game play bugs , I'd highly recommend a purchase and don't forget to save your progress frequently!

This game is really good, the environment, that first time leaving vault 101 is really great! I played Fallout: NV first (Which is pretty different) so all that cold feeling, that feeling of no order, that cold environment was different to me, beacuse i was used to the Fallout: NV environment. Another thing that puted me a bit down was that it wasn't that diplomatic as in Fallout: NV, there was no reputation or anything like that, but it's beacuse F:NV was the first fallout game i played. :)

The Fallout series is one of my all-time favorites as well. Fallout 3 is such an amazing game! As I've said before, I highly recommend to all of you to play Fallout 3 if you haven't played it yet :) :)


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Review by Jason

Fallout was a change of pace for computer gaming when it was released in 1997. With other games going the usual route of fantasy/medieval settings, Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world raised the interest of those looking for something different. Interplay had succeeded in getting an audience as well as credibility, as Fallout is still revered as being one of the greatest PC games. It’s hard to disagree, as many of its qualities still shine despite its age, but is it still worth taking the first step into the wasteland?
The first thing you’ll do is create a character, and while the character creation looks promising at first, it’s actually one of Fallout’s weaknesses. You will pick from one of three character models with each having their unique stat properties and details, and then you’re to spend points and pick perks from a wide variety of options. Although it may look impressive and gives the idea that there’s a lot to the game, the reality is that only a few of these options are worthwhile. If you’re new to the game and decide to spend your points without research, you may be handicapping yourself quite severely. For those who do know what they’re doing, they can expect to get much more out of the game.

Regardless, setting is one aspect Fallout deserves the utmost credit for. Fallout is set decades after a world conflict called the Great War, where greed forced humanity into near extinction with a nuclear holocaust. The Vaults were created for the purpose of preserving humanity if such a situation arose, and until now, your vault served that purpose. Your vault Overseer informs you that the computer chip for supplying water in the vault has malfunctioned, and you have 150 days to find a replacement for the chip. For the first time ever, you will explore the surface after its destruction. It’s a deeply provocative and original concept; a setting that immediately grabs your interest and makes you think about past events and what can happen in the present. By stepping onto the surface, you get to explore many ruined areas and environments, to see what remains and how humanity holds up after its major defeat. The graphics do a great job of giving areas rust and grime, and the music builds an immersive atmosphere. Though newer games can spoil you with their high budget presentation, Fallout’s world hasn’t lost anything with time.

Your first goal of Fallout is to take care of the water chip problem in your vault, but it’s an open-world game with numerous paths to take. You can complete side quests, help out towns with some issues they’re facing, and get paid with items and resources. Talking to certain NPCs will give you numerous lines of dialogue that can flesh out the story and other things of interest, though some NPCs have much less to say. Some of the quests you might have to do can be killing a bunch of powerful mutated monsters, save someone from an assassination, or fetch an important item from a dangerous place. Or, you can pull out your gun and kill everyone you ever come across, looting their bodies for all they’re worth, but this can hurt you in the long run. Some of Fallout is limited, however – outside of having the option of going about quests in your own way, some characters and areas serve only a single purpose. There’s plenty enough variety to give a number of unique playthroughs and endings to find, but in this case, more would have been better.

The battle system is fairly straight-forward once you understand it, and while the combat itself is rather mediocre, it has some added flavor with the perks and skills you level up. When fighting, you spend action points (AP) for everything, be it moving around or attacking. Attack damage depends on the perks you have, the skill percentage you have with that type of weapon, and the strength of the weapon itself. Though you start the game with a few weak weapons, you’ll also need to consider spending skill points for the bigger weapons later in the game. Armor is also very important, and until you can get the unstoppable Power Armor, you’ll need to make do with whatever you can scrounge up. Combat itself is unexciting (you just click attack and wait for each turn to come), but it’s enhanced by the witty lines the enemy can spit out when fighting them.

Fallout may be over a decade old now, but it still holds up as an immersive and original RPG today. Some ideas do feel like a proof of concept with a lack of thorough execution, but perhaps this opinion comes from the fact that newer games offer even greater depth. Regardless, Fallout is still packed with some great moments and enough variety to provide plenty of replay value. It has the love and support from a dedicated fan-base for a reason, because there’s no other series quite like Fallout.