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F.E.A.R. EXTRACTION POINT review for PC - CGR Undertow
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F.E.A.R. Extraction Point - PC

It's time to enter bullet time again as you take control of the Point Man for more action.
  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: Timegate Studios
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Rating: Mature 17+ (M)
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Added by: CGR Undertow

 Super Dimension Fortress Macross - PlayStation 2
"It captures the look and feel of the anime, plays really well and sounds great. Sadly it's a Japanese exclusive, but if you love Robotech or Macross you'll love this game." - WindSquid

 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen - Super Nintendo
"This is an excellent game. There are a ton of different outcomes, and your strategies can vary greatly. The endings are always different too; however, I could never end up as a "good guy." I hated the fact that people would love you as the liberator, but for no particular reason, you would succumb to another rebellion. This game would be great if you could switch it over to an Ogre Battle Sim City to prove you weren't a jerk... The game is great outside of that." - dschult3

 Singularity - PlayStation 3
"A very unique game that combines sci-fi and supernatural horror. Gameplay-wise its like Doom meets Half-life meets Wolfenstein (Raven). The storyline has a smooth movie-like narration.There are two different endings that I'm sure of, but I've read that there are actually four of them, which is good since the game is only 8-10 hrs long. This is an underrated game that our snobbish mainstream media more or less ignored, in favour of more 'emotional' action games, games with supposed "meaning"." - unsheep

 Prototype - Xbox 360
"Everything apart from the combat was cool and fun. The combat mechanics were very sluggish, which is a problem since Prototype is for the most part a fast-paced melee-action game. In addition, parts of the control scheme - such as the targeting system - was unreliable in the game. Much of the combat moves in the game were dependent on accurate targeting, but this was so unreliable and inaccurate that it made the game intolerable and virtually unplayable to me." - unsheep

 Syndicate - Xbox 360
"Flashy and futuristic, its like a cross between Crysis and Killzone. The combat mechanics are smooth and reliable. The storyline was entertaining enough for an action sci-fi, it's mainly a tale of conspiracy and betrayal, it reminded me of Deus Ex Human Revolution and movies like Minority Report. My only complaint is that the game is too short at 7-8 hrs. Like most other publishers and developers today EA and Starbreeze preferred to waste money on short-lived multiplayer modes." - unsheep


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