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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 - Super Famicom

Whether you rock the dragon on a regular basis or you haven't the foggiest what the heck "Head-cha-la" is supposed to mean, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 is a decent fighting game!
  • Release date: 1994
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Developer: TOSE
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Players: 1-2 Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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It's one of the better DBZ games and it was too bad the first games we got in the US was Final Bout instead of this. It's pretty unique for a SNES fighter and pretty fun to play. It's pretty odd that this game was so well made and then UB22 happened. Anyway though it's a decent fighter and makes good use of the DBZ characters and was probably the best game until the PS2. (There are a couple PS1 imports I think I haven't played)

This was the first import game I ever played. I emulated it to see if it was shovelware or not, and then bought it off ebay and played it on my modded snes. To say it is wonderfully fun isn't the half of it. I just love anything Akira Toriyama, and it works so well in a fighting game.


DRAGON BALL Z: SUPER BUTOUDEN 2 review for Super Famicom
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