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Dishonored - PC

Dishonored explodes off the screen with high production values and lavish detail as you explore the fictitious city of Dunwall after being framed for assassinating the Empress and kidnapping her daughter. The player controls Corvo, an assassin who gains magical skills that enable him to warp, or "blink" around the city, slow time, possess people and summon flesh eating rats. Flesh eating rats are the new flame thrower!!
  • Release date: 2012
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Rating: Mature 17+ (M)
  • Players: 1-Player
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This game was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The game mechanics were spot on and the level design was outstanding. Some have argued that the graphical quality is sub par being a console port, but I found that Viktor Antonov's art design was beautiful nonetheless. The story, while short, has multiple paths and endings depending on your actions. Combined with numerous play styles, hidden collectibles, and stellar DLC, this gives Dishonored fantastic replay value.

I meant to rate it a 5/5, because this game is among my favorites' list.

The overall experience I got from the game was amazing. The gameplay is brilliant, I like how you have the option to play the game in multiple ways, though it has repercussions to the ending, which gives you a bit of replay value to play through both ending as well as collecting items. The art design and visuals are very well done and just remarkable. The story, plot, atmosphere and voice acting are probably the most memorable thing for me, which were done very well. One of my favorites games.

I played this game being stealthy (I knew because of other reviews of the different endings which depended on how you played the game), and I barely used any power or weapon aside from the Blink and the Knife, so I missed a lot of fun, just for the sake of getting the good ending. This major flaw was detrimental to the fantastic art design, good acting and gloomy atmosphere of the game. The side quests added a lot of fun, but suffered from the same storyplay limitations.

Excellent level design with lots of vertical elements. Uncovering all the pathways through the level and figuring out the multiple ways I could accomplish each mission were half the fun for me. The game is short but rewarding. Whether or play lethal or non-lethal determines the ending you receive. There are not enough options for playing non-lethal outside of choking and tranq darts and too many for lethal styles. Have not played the SP DLC but hear it is excellent.

A very polished, well-designed 1st person stealth adventure game that gives the player many action oriented options. Stealth gameplay seems more fleshed out and a strong point of the title, as is the ability to "blink" or teleport. The setting is a nice combination of bizarre and believable, and the political intrigue that drives the plot is interesting. For me it was similar to a puzzle adventure game, in that first discovering routes and tricks was fantastic, but replay value wasn't there.

Dishonored's strong points come from the excellent world and character design knit together with great stealth and exploration elements. Despite its predictable plot / twist and special ability mechanics plucked straight from titles like Bioshock, this is still an enjoyable title (perhaps in part due to these similarities).

Dishonored is a great stealth-action and adventured based video game. The story of the game is very interesting. Missions within the game can be completed through stealth, combat or even as a combination of both; which is a very fun aspect that the game offers to the player. Also, the exploration and many other aspects are great too. I highly recommend it to those who haven't played it as of yet :)

I meant to give Dishonored a 5/5. I will rate it again.


DISHONORED review for PC
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DISHONORED The Knife of Dunwall Official Trailer
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