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Discs of Tron - Arcade

Discs of Tron is a massive, futuristic sit-down arcade machine with a glowing joystick that literally drops those who play it on "The Grid" in Tron!! Battle enemies with your laser Frisbee discs and score big points as Tron fights for the users!!
  • Release date: 1983
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Bally Midway
  • Publisher: Bally Midway
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Professional & Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA.tv)
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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A good game in an amazing cabinet. Playing this game in an original cabinet (especially the environmental version) is really makes it cool.

Playing this game as a kid was an experience. Unfortunately I was never that good at it. I do remember loving the atmosphere of the cabinet.

If I could own one arcade game to put in my tiny intergalactic outpost, it would be this one. It is the most beautiful cabinet ever produced. I love the lighting, especially the light up rings on the floor that simulate being a program competing on the grid. In 1982 I wanted to live in the world of Tron and this machine made just about all my dreams come true. My only complaint would be that after playing the multiple games in the standard Tron game, it is disappointing to get just one here.

Black Regnum
Colorful and innovative during its prime, and its still colorful until today. @.@

A unique game showcasing some excellent cabinet techniques and speech synthesis. Starts fairly easily and quickly ramps up the difficulty to cultivate that "one more go" appeal, just like a great arcade game should be.

Awesome game! The arcade machine is just magical, with great design and wonderful illusions! The gameplay is fun, and challenging. Overall, this arcade machine is just awesome!

I really wish I could find this game in the sit down cabinet.

this looks like such a kick butt game.


Discs of Tron Arcade Machine!
Added by: CGR

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