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Dead Space 3 - Xbox 360

Lord Karnage will describe this when he's good and ready!! All hail Lord Karnage, the Vectrex and his magic El Camino.
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Horror, Third Person Shooter
  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Rating: Mature (M)
  • Players: 1-2 Players, Co-op
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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In regards to my previous post, I forgotten to mention that Dead Space is on my favorites' list; therefore, I rate it as 5/5 stars :)

Compared to 'Lost Planet 3' I found 'Dead Space 3' to be a completely mundane experience. It was only interesting in the beginning and towards the end; with the spaceships and [other] aliens respectively. I wish the game would have focused on these things. As it is 'Dead Space 3' sits too uncomfortably between horror and action-adventure. Both 'Lost Planet 3' and 'Dead Space 2' combined these aspects much better. As an action game 'Dead Space 3' is OK; not bad but not great either.

This game on a fun scale is seriously 2000 out of 100, and people who thought the story sucked obviously didn't play the whole way through.

When Dead space 3 was released it was in a strange position, long time fans of the incredible survival horror game were divided between satisfied and utterly disappointed. While critics thought the game was just the slightest bit above okay. The main reason people were frustrated was because they thought it took away from the games' horror element. I personally never thought any of the games were scary, so this didn't bother me. I thought every part of the game was fantastic. Story, gameplay...

... Acting, graphics. You could really tell the devlopers poured gallons of blood, sweat and tears into making this game a reality. It was very intense, the new weapon crafting system skyrocketed the replay ability, I can't say enough good things about this game. you'll just have to play it for yourself.
Alone this game is decent but as an entry in the Dead Space series it is pretty bad. Way too much action for my liking.

This game is pretty good, but it's focused way too much in action than survivor horror and that's a downer. I like more of the first and the second game, but overall it's a pretty decent game.

i actually found this game quite scary especially playing it with the lights off and on classic mode, roaming the halls with low ammo and hardly any health having monsters jump out of walls at you making the horrible noises they make always freaked me out. this game does have a co-op feature which i would stay away from until you complete it at least once, takes aways the horror element

Dead Space 3 is a good game, but it doesn't exactly feel like a Dead Space game. Most of the horror has been axed in favor of action gameplay, which feels like a bit of a cop-out. The scariness of the previous entries in the series were one of the biggest reasons I liked them. However, this game is still good. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are quite nice, and I really liked the snow planet atmosphere. Overall, a good game, but it could have been better.

Dead Space 3, concluded into being a very good sequel for the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 3 offered much more options than its previous games. However, the previous ones were unique and enjoyable as well. Dead Space 3's ending was very interesting and the story itself was very engaging. 4/5 stars for Dead Space 3.


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