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Cyborg Justice - Sega Genesis

Create the ultimate cyborg warrior! Build hi-tech future soldiers, arm them with lasers, war hammers, flame throwers and saws, then battle to the death!! Build up to 216 different cyborg combinations for fame, glory and control of the universe in this ultra-cheesy fighting game on Sega Genesis!!
  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Developer: Novotrade
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Just look at that "Killer Cyborg" strut his funky stuff! I'm telling you, he could give Travolta a run for his money.

Such wasted potential! It's a brilliant idea, but it falls apart in the game play department.

I remember renting this when I was younger and thinking how awesome it was going to be. Got home, popped it in my genesis, started creating my robot and thought this is pretty awesome...and then I got to the actual game, which sucks. It was boring, slow, and just overall not much fun. Great concept at the time, horrible execution.

Ultimately this is not a bad game. If you enjoy a liner beat-em-up than you won't be disappointed. With the mix of customization it gives the game just a bit more degree of playability that does not get too repetitive. Really cheap game to pick up, but the replay value is rather low in my opinion.

I could never figure out how to jump over the gap but Duel mode was BA

I had this game and sleeplessness at the same time.

This game was one of the lame Genesis ports of the 90's. This could have been better if there was some more planning to execute something better than this. I would still play this game over TMNT: Tournament Fighters for the Genesis. I definitely would not rush to replay this game.

Average, repetitive and not much fun.


Cyborg Justice for Sega Genesis
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CYBORG JUSTICE review for Sega Genesis
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