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CURIOUS GEORGE review for Xbox - CGR Undertow
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Curious George - Xbox

What happened to the double jump, George?
  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Developer: Monkey Bar Games
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Rating: Everyone (E)
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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CURIOUS GEORGE review for Xbox
Added by: CGR Undertow

 Nintendo GameCube Controller - Nintendo GameCube
"It's EXTREMELY well made. However I do have some complaints: first, the controller is a bit small for adult hands, which makes tapping the L&R triggers painful as my index fingers tend to jam while pressing them. Second, the Z button is too small. And third, the D-pad is somewhat awkward in that it's very far from the handle and rather small; however it functions perfectly, which is more than I can say about the Xbox D-pad. Those are my only complaints. It really is an outstanding controller." - Smash Bros Maestro

 Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox
"One hell of a terrific shooter. The graphics were incredible for the time, and they are still scrumptious to this day. The gameplay is the best in the series IMO; the weapons in CE just feel better than in the sequels. That said, the weapons are not very well balanced. A few weapons (like the pistol) are overpowered, while others are weak. Minor nitpicks aside, this is one of the best FPS I've played. And at the very least, it is the funnest shooter I've ever played. Highly recommended." - Smash Bros Maestro

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"The SNES is an excellent console, and I've always thought the design used for the European SNES and Japanese Super Famicom was gorgeous." - Imperial Khador

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"One star for the game, another star for the awesome soundtrack on the awesome vinyl." - spudalmighty

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES
"One of my all time favorite NES games!! I've beaten this game many times and yes it's possible if you practice it and have the skills. I love how each turtles has their own unique attacks and even though Raph and Mike aren't that effective you can still have them collect other projectiles to make up for it. The bosses I find are pretty cool but most are a push over. The Technodrome is the hardest boss and it looks awesome in this! This is a childhood favorite of mine and I love it!" - Truxton4life


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