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Bioshock Infinite - PlayStation 3

Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. Booker Dewitt heads to the fabulous, floating city of Columbia in search of a mysterious girl in an alternate version of 1912 where vigors, robotic birds and The Beach Boys are all the rage!
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: Irrational Games
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Rating: Mature 17+ (M)
  • Players: 1-Player
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Spectacular game. The look of the city above the clouds is amazing, the sound perfect and the story keeps you hooked until the end. If you like first person shooters the game play is tight and fair. Not many better games out there. A+

This game is simply amazing. Everything about it is beautiful, and so thoughtfully and carefully put together. The story and characters are definitely the main draw here, with an intriguing tale that'll keep you hooked - with lots of clues and hints to be found throughout that hint at the larger narrative - as well as some interesting and cool meta-narratives, as well as playing with your expectations about conventions. Plus, the game play is good! But really, if you like games as art, PLAY THIS

Good times, played this on the PS3 and I definitely had a lot of fun. You can pick this up now for $19.99 or less, give it a try!

i don't like this one. the gun play was so generic and the story had one of the most stupid endings ever. im all for quantum string theory across temporal realites tracking the infinitesimal possible placement of subatomic particels, but to have a game pull that on me is just crap.

The only thing outstanding about this game is its setting. A white-man's utopia in the clouds where you kill these republican types like fodder. Artistically, Columbia is truly a sight to behold. But technically, it resembles a mid-2000s PC FPS. A screwy-as story that only a minority could follow tops off gameplay that seems to borrow from the likes of Mass Effect & Half Life. Don't misunderstand, it's a good game, but not quite so deserved of all its apparent acclaim as some would have believe.

A fresh take on the bioshock series that turns out to be my favorite out of all of them

It's a good game with an even better story. Sure, it didn't live up to the hype, and the gameplay is sorely lacking, but I still enjoyed myself.

I have this for pc and have to say it is a great fps. The gfx and music are just great. The gameplay is great too. You shud get this if you have a pc,ps3,xbox360.

Wow there aren't any Big Daddies but Bioshock Infinite is fresh and new. So you are Booker DeWhitt who is trying to save Elizabeth and take her to this guy, it sounds shallow but in less then in hour you will go balls deep in this game, the controls are smooth and precise, while their is no co op nor multiplayer, I think the game wasn't made for playing with friends, this game was made for the single player, and well the gameplay is fast paced and exciting, Bioshock Infinite is jjust great.

best game of 2013 IMO. worhty of carying the bioshock name.They did something completely different.With here and there a "i see what you did there" for fans.Amazing game!

A total masterpiece. The story is wonderful, the atmosphere is awesome, and the characters (yours and the NPCs) are great and memorable. The setting of Columbia is wonderful and full of discovery. The story is exciting and very fun to experience. The game controls great, not as good as some shooters but plenty well enough, and it's way better than the first Bioshock in that regard. The themes throughout the game work very well. The enemies are well done and lots of fun to take on. Great game.

Didn't care for this game very much, fun shooter but the story lost my interest during the last third of the game. Would explain more in depth but would spoil the plot. Got too much hype that killed the experience for me.

I love Bioshock Infinite so very very much. I am so glad that this far from release I still get a chance to pop it in and play. It was my personal GOTY

Booker Catch! What a great sound to hear, this ultra-stylistic reboot to the Bioshock series is a breath of fresh air. One of the most interesting and captivating plots, in a beautiful world. The game does have a few short comings, especially in the difficulty, or lack there of even on the fabled "1999 mode"

While I do think this title is a little overrated, it was enjoyable and kept me interested through its 8-10 story.

A great game for sure, but IMO it's not nearly as good as the first Bihshock. Other then the location it offers nothing new, or at least so very little that I thought it could have been a reskinned Bioshock. This might sound like I'm being negative but in reality I really enjoyed the game, but I had high hopes for this and it didn't meet them. A must play for sure, but overhyped also IMO.

Picked up this game today for a tenner, its a cool game so far, the gunplay is cool, and the setting is nothing short of excellent. There needs to be more steampunk games!

i have to give this one a chance

The Captain
Bioshock: Infinite is definitely deserving of the numerous Game of the Year Awards it has won. The game play is as great as in other Bioshock games, and the story was as good, if not better. Absolutely fantastic, possibly the best in the series.

This game gave me hope, it raised my positive thoughts when i heard that a new fps is coming, i wasnt disappointed! Story A / Looks A / Gameplay A / Sound A! This was just so much fun I actually wanted to play it again so here's the first run, for everyone whos interested, check my profile and channel for VODs! Love it!

Bioshock Infinite is without a doubt an amazing game but I kinda miss Rapture and it's underwater landscape. This game doesn't beat the first one, imho.

After just finishing this game, I can admit this is my favorite of the 3 games. The new location makes for some beautiful visuals and the representation of the timeline in the game makes for some interesting dialog. The gameplay mechanics in the game are at par to the other two games with additional mechanics for this game that makes it a whole new experience. Playing this game is thrill riding, and personal that can understand why it was chosen for "Game of the Year".

I think you mean two games.We don't mention Bioshock 2.
game of the year

Great story, so much depth. The game plays smooth with easy controls. Must own game.

a rollercoaster mixed with a psychological thriller that reminds me of videodrome, stargate, all those weird cloning movies, and some incredible shooting action. its a fantastic story first and foremost with really heavy attention to detail in every corner. it has moments that are essentially pointless but are genuinely memorable and special. it is a game that revels in its details and lets you experience them through a shooter with mechanics i sincerely haven't seen before.

One of the best games, if not, the best game of 2013. Great entry to the series. Buy this game! is very easy to get into and you don't NEED to play the previous games, though it is recommended.

This is a review for the Burial at Sea Episode 1 DLC. I quite liked it. It ramps up the horror aspect that made the original so iconic, and brings back the gameplayto those roots with a bit of Infinite spice. The story and presentation are, as always, phenomenal. It really throws a twist on you at the end too. You also get a few new things to play with, like the Radar Range and Old Man Winter, which are quite fun to use. I'd recommend it to anyone that liked Infinite or it's predecessors. :P

This was one of my absolute favorite games of 2013. The presentation and the story were so surreal and effective, I lost myself to its charm. Elizabeth is the best companion character I've had in a video game, and she's extremely helpful in fights. The gameplay wasn't the strongest I've experienced, but it allows for a bit of freedom on how you want to play. The guns and vigors are fun to use, and the enemies can get really tough on higher difficulties. Pick it up now, you'll love it. :P

The game got too hyped up and probably disappointed some people. It's an average shooter with an average story. Great graphics though and I recommend this to anyone to play.

I think you got this mixed up with Far Cry 3 or something. I can take average gameplay, but the story in terms of character depth and growth, is leaps and bounds above most other games. ESPECIALLY games that in the shooter genre.


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