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Batman: Arkham Asylum - PlayStation 3

Developer Rocksteady redefines Batman video games with a methodical combat system and stealth approach inside a Joker overrun mental facility. Gotham City's craziest villains have broken free from their bonds, and Batman steps in to put everyone in their place, violently if he must.
  • Release date: 2009
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios
  • Publisher: Eidos Interactive
  • Rating: Teen (T)
  • Players: 1-Player
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A staple of the 7th generation of games.

How many good Batman games are we going to get? Batman on the NES was great, Batman Returns on the SNES was a great beat'em up, and now the Arkham series. Why can't any other DC characters get this kind of love? Superman gets the worst games in history, WTF? Anyway, this game is awesome to say the least. It looks great and plays even better. Rocksteady nailed everything about Batman, and they cared about the character and franchise and it shows, a must have game.

3D Metroidvania done right. It's as if they wanted to make a Castlevania but didn't have the rights, but already had the castle and bat idea so Batman in Arkham asylum! Oh, so clever. But undeniably the best example there is of said sub-genre, it mixes up group-based brawling, stealth take-down, puzzle solving, and plain old adventuring to result in not only the most comprehensive Batman experience comparable to anything before it, but also showcased the next proper evolution of its game genre.

9.4/10 A catch of a batarang, gliding from rooftops, countering a punch. You become the Batman! Combining innovative combat, grim environments, & steady progression, your stay in Arkham Asylum is welcome. The atmosphere is darker than Burton, but more fantastical than Nolan. Add the cast and writers of Fox's Batman, AA feels familiar yet all its own. Nearing game's end reveals the limit of AA's mechanics followed by a weak climax. Still, B:AA is a must own akin to TombRaider13 or MetroidPrime.

best batman game ever there's nothing more to say i guess

Amazingly smooth gameplay and a gleefully dark atmosphere make this the first Batman game that actually worked.

Epic Batman game with some of the best gameplay ever

Awesome game. I even played it with those crappy 3D glasses. It actually looks quite nice

I can't praise this game enough, with everything on point with this game. Batman Arkham Asylum which is a masterpiece to comic fans and video gamers alike. The true beauty of this game can't be defined by the visuals or controls but the experience you get with the game. A must own and cheap price margin now, there isn't a reason why you shouldn't either have played this or own it yourself.

the perfect batman game


This is one of the best superhero games ever made. The voice acting is superb, as are the graphics and gameplay. Absolute must have for the 360/PS3 generation. This game sets the stage for one of the best games ever made (Arkham City).

Great game!!! A definite must have for anyone who owns a ps3/xbox

Possibly the best Batman game ever. The graphics, atmosphere and character are well in keeping with the dark and gothic Batman universe. The game play mainly focus's on stealth and puzzle solving, but there are times when combat is your only option. The puzzles while sometimes frustrating, are never so difficult that you want to give up playing. The combat controls are easy to use and fluid. The Bat gadgets are functional and fun to use. Difficult game to master , but satisfying when you do.

Best batman(superhero) game ever. If you havent played it play it then play arham city.

One of the best Batman games I have played. Rocksteady did a great job with this.

Among the best Batman games ever, only bested by Arkham City. The combat is fun. Usually I don't like stealth but I actually enjoyed it here. The mark of a truly excellent game.

Batman Arkham Asylum is one awesome game that greatly disappointed me. I heard so many great things about it, about how much it made you feel like Batman. That is exactly what it did not do for me. I felt like I was not Batman but a guy that had all of Batman's things stuck in a cave. That's the problem with it, the setting. I would had loved it more if it was set in the city of Gotham, Arkham just felt too enclosed. Everything else about the game was great.

Fantastic game

I’m a big fan of B:TAS and in general I love the Batman mythos. At first, I didn't really care for this game, but then I grew a brain. This title, does the entirety of all things 'Batman' immense justice. Arkham Asylum is a blast, what with it's metroidvania game design and addictive gameplay. As B-man, you'll stealthily prey on and beat the crap out of bad guys and supervillains in glorious fashion. If you're a fan of Batman and adventure, hell even if you aren't, this game is worth your time.

The Captain
Batman: Arkham Asylum is was easily the best Batman game ever, well, until Batman: Arkham City, of course.

One of the best Comicbook games to date, the "almost perfect" blend between stealth and action gameplay with butter smooth controls across all platforms and a really smooth but challenging combat system. The graphics are top-notch for a 2009 game, the characters are really colorful and well written aside from a cheesy line here and there. Even tho the formula was enhanced in Batman : Arkham City (2011) this is still a great starting point for such an awesome trilogy. -eXe


Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3
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Review by synthem

Riddle me this: which black, swift shade with glowing eyes will grab you from above and hang you upside down, suspended from a stone gargoyle, waiting for you to pass out in fear? It’s Batman, and he’s pissed off. In Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Asylum, released in 2009, the Dark Knight has succeeded in capturing the Joker and takes him to Arkham Asylum. It does not take long, however, before Joker breaks free, along with the entire criminal population of Arkham Asylum. It’s up to you to don the virtual inky cape and go after Joker and his henchmen. What follows might just be one of the best gaming experiences of this generation of consoles.

Arkham Asylum is an action adventure with stealth elements, basic detecting, combat segments, and even some platforming. You have a variety of tools at your disposal, as well as detective vision, which highlights important items and makes enemies visible through solid objects. The storyline is basic but dark and involving, with superior voice acting—Mark Hamill’s Joker is an absolute treat. The game isn’t afraid to break through the fourth wall (but no spoilers here, so find out for yourself), and upholds various creative approaches to keep the gameplay fresh. The combat system at its basics is simplistic, and button-bashing will get you quite far. However, the more you play around with it, the more you’ll notice the fluency and subtle depth in combat. Soon you’ll be spinning around easily countering henchmen, picking up them up and throwing them at each other while blinding knife-wielding baddies before punching them in the face, and, in general, just having a great time.

The story mode will take you a good 10 to 12 hours to play through, but besides this there are numerous hidden items for you to find or riddles to solve. There are also challenges to play through, and these offer lots of extra fun; you’ll gravel your teeth on some of these – especially the Freeflow combat challenges, which will cost you years of your life and hairs on your head – but once you get that sought-after three bat rating, the relief can’t be greater. One of the definite attractions in terms of replay value is that getting to 100 % completion is challenging, but not (too) frustrating, and you will definitely be tempted to fully beat the game.

Not everything is peachy though. Combat, as has been said, will feel just a bit too simplistic in the beginning – even though it’s often heaps of fun. Some of the boss fights are also too basic and therefore anticlimactic. Even familiar boss battle clichés pop up – evade, evade, shoot when the core is exposed – a feat that does not come across as being very creative. One final problem is that on some occasions the camera can get a bit panicky, especially when you find yourself in a corner while trying to battle a dozen henchmen. Overall, though, none of these problems truly hamper the experience.

Attention to detail is what can make a good game great, and Arkham Asylum does stand out here. Even superficial Batman fans will find plenty they can recognize and connect with from the Dark Knight’s universe, and for more die-hard disciples of Bob Kane’s superhero there is enough of an own style to Arkham Asylum to make it stand out among everything else in the Batman universe. Even more important than recognition is that the effort put into this game truly helps to make you feel as if you are controlling Batman, and not merely steering around a pixelated, animated drone that happens to sport black pointy ears.

Ultimately, the experience is what it all comes down to, and Arkham Asylum easily offers a great one. The beauty lies in the combination of various things that simply make it work, including said attention to detail, but also the immersion resulting from the profound love and care the game has received from its developers. Combine this with gameplay that offers accessibility without compromise, action without boredom, immediacy without sacrificing depth, and Arkham Asylum becomes and adventure that will stick with you. For a game, the path to becoming unforgettable is not an easy one, but Arkham Asylum walks it with stealthy grace, and in immersive darkness.