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Altered Beast - Sega Genesis

You are a man-stud awakened from the dead by some dude with a beard fighting an army of the undead. Wise fwom your gwave!!
  • Release date: 1989
  • Genre: Arcade, Platformer
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Players: 1-2 Players
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
  • Tags: arcade, machine, videogame
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A lot of people tend to rate this high based on nostalgia. Back when this debuted it was a big deal compared to the regular 8-bit graphics we were all used to. Since none of the OOO's and AHH's are no longer there, the game just doesn't hold up. It is still cool being able to turn into different monsters but it sucks playing as the regular human. The game is pretty hard too unless you got it memorized. It only gives you 3 lives and no continues PLUS it doesn't refill your health after a level.


Mental Hog
A game that for it's time showed everyone how perfect of a arcade port the genesis could do and how this and other arcade ports released for the genesis really blew pretty much every other arcade port for every other console that were relevant back in 89 out of the water. And even though this game doesn't really hold up all that much today with the shear amount of better games that were released later on in the genesis's life spawn I still have a soft spot for Altered beast!

This game is great!!

The Sega Genesis started very strong by using this game as it's first pack-in title. It showed that near-arcade facsimiles were possible in the 16-bit Era. Like with the later Golden Axe, there was very little lost in the transition from arcade to console here.

I didn't know this was even playable at home until I spent the night at a family friend's house and their son happened to own it. He later gave it to me when he was getting rid of his old vidya. Shining Force II was among the games he gave me and it was glorious.

No idea why people are saying this game hasn't aged well, I think it's aged just fine. The graphics and art in this game is still damn good (love the look of the bosses), the gameplay while simple and not every deep is still fun, and as a whole it might have been an early release for the Genesis (I think it might have been one of the launch games actually) but it still stands the test of time IMO. I have all three versions (sms, genesis, arcade) and they are all worth owning.

This was the first game I played on the Megadrive and it was a major step up from my previous computer game system, the commodore vic 20. Needless to say it pretty much blew my mind. While there are certainly many more better games on the mega drive, this gets five stars for making such an impression on me.

I loved you as a 12 years old, 37 year old me knows the truth. Unlike most Asian women you have not aged well at all. Also, like He-Man, your characters super power seems to be wearing less clothing as they get stronger. Some of the enemies have cool designs (giant snail boss comes to mind), and the bear is pretty unique, but the game play is shallow. And by stage 4 you realize they're running out of ideas, because the tiger is basically the wolf. There are MUCH better beat em' ups.

I always thought this game was mediocre. Generic game play and stiff animations.

It doesn't hold up especially well, and it feels slow now days. But it's still fun to play from time to time, and it was pretty groundbreaking and cool back in the day. The Arcade version holds up a little bit better, but not by a lot.

Back in '89 this game had amazing graphics for a home console; the game play however was not good enough to really hook me. Not really one of those games that stands the test of time.

pretty beautifully crafted example of 16 bit game design before we even knew its potential. its a little choppy and extremely difficult, but all around memorable and a nice look back into gaming history.

Solid fighter! Altered Beast is a great side-scrolling beat'em up that features plenty of solid attacks, that feel satisfying when you hit enemies with them. Altered Beast also features unique character transformations for each level. Overall it's a good game, but feels a bit restricted. Of course that's not a reason to skip on Altered Beast though!

This is the game that was included with my Gens. I thought it was amazing at the time coming off the NES but I don't think it's aged all that well.

Classic Sega arcade title that aged badly. Nevertheless, I do enjoy it as a fan of classic games and consoles and recommend it for fellow retro gamers. I recommend the PSP version over PC, as it plays and looks somewhat.

Wise fwom your gwave! great game, pretty challenging if you let it be, but the controls can be clunky and need some getting used to.

Power up! A cool arcade port back in the days which has unfortunately not aged too well... But it was actually a good idea to package with the Genesis a 2 player beat 'em all action game with big sprites, digital voices, which truly brought the arcade experience home.

This is a great little game. It's cheap, easy to come by and supports 2-player co-op, which is the best way to experience it. Of course it feels a little dated and a mere 5 levels seem unbearably light, but it's a fun experience with or without original nostalgia for the game.

Bloody Penguin
I had a lot of fun with this game. It has its flaws but if you consider how early it came in the Mega Drive life span, it is really good. The voice lines are video game history!

Shady Dealer
While I'm not very good at this game, I love the music that plays when your games over. The sound is excellent on a Model 1 Sega Genesis and I could make out what the voices were saying. I like the various power ups, the enemy designs are ok, but feel dated. The back grounds aren't too bad, and the main character is a nice improvement over the previous generations often tiny player. It's worth a look for a good price and is quite enjoyable. My favorite part: The guys death scream.

Back in the day, this seemed like an arcade perfect port. It isn't, of course, but the criteria for arcade ports back in the day was so lax that this port was really astounding. Even though it's not truly arcade perfect, it's still amazing for it's time. It still plays extremely way. The catch is that the arcade game was never all that great to begin with. Classic, yes. All time great? That's debatable. What's left is an OK scrolling and punching game, that's worth a play now and again.

Wise fwom your gwave! Loved this game!

While it hasn't exactly aged well, it's still a very fun arcade classic!

This is one of my more favourite arcade games from way back when, and the Genesis port is more than likely the best port you will find on any system (excluding the new 3ds versions). Me and my daughter get down on the co-op mode to this day, and with its short gameplay makes for a quick fun beat-em up where you get to transform and devastate you enemies. Replaying the game helps with learning where the blue wolfs are, after a few runs through, you start working on making high score records :)

This is a game that I never had for the original Genesis until I started collecting for it. I managed to find it mint and complete with its poster for $10 on eBay! Gameplay-wise, it strikes me a something plain, run-of-the-mill and, frankly, shallow. I like the setting, in ancient Greece, coursing through the underworld to rescue Athena. This game could have been so much more, but, alas, it is what it is, and it is okay at best. It's good to play once in a while, though.

I tried playing this game many times. The graphics are sort of good for the time, with the big sprites and all. But controls are stiff and somehow as hard as I try I just can't squeeze any fun out of this game. And I swear I tried. Maybe next time... If I ever start a Mega Drive collection I'm getting this game anyway. It's just too iconic. I remember as a kid looking at the screenshots and I couldn't believe a game looked so good. Too bad gameplay is just not fun for me.

Slow, boring, poor. I hated it as a kid in 1993, and it's not aged well. I have no idea why it's so popular among SEGA fans.

While it has its moments, Altered Beast is a game that hasn't aged well at all. Sure, morphing into powerful animal people is cool and hearing all of the games voices brings a rush of nostalgia, but the game can't hide the stiff control, steep difficulty curve, and ridiculously short experience. Considering you can get it for less than a cup of coffee, it's hard to recommend not picking it up, considering it WAS a great launch title. Just don't expect to be talking about it later.

This was such a bizarre game. My dad apparently thought the same thing since he didn't want me playing it, but its strangeness definitely captured my imagination. All the same, I never got past the second level and don't really care to go back and do so.

Challenging game but very fun great to play with a friend

The Guy With The Bowtie
First Genesis game I ever played. Introduced me to the beat 'em up genre. Will always be a classic in my mind. Pretty challenging as well!

A solid beat 'em up on a console chock full of 'em.

If you are collecting for Genesis, you should probably find this game. It was the pack in game for the Genesis (Slightly odd as it's pretty violent) and it's easy to find and quite cheap. Most importantly, though, it's a fun side-scrolling beat 'em up that can be played with a friend. My only complaint is that it gets repetitive quickly.


Altered Beast for Sega Genesis on PS2
Added by: CGR

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Review by AndyG

Sega’s Altered Beast was released in the arcades back in 1988 and I can still remember the somewhat frightening vocal samples “Rise from your grave!” and “Welcome to your doom!” very clearly in my young mind. It was a challenging game to say the least at a time when arcade games were built to not only be fun and entertaining, but to also suck as many of your parents’ and grandparents’ quarters away as you played – which is why most of my time with Altered Beast was spent playing the Sega Genesis version which was equal in difficulty only you had the options to adjust the difficulty level in a few ways and even use cheat codes and as an added bonus, you didn’t have to spend quarter after quarter pushing through the game.

Released with the Sega Genesis when it arrived in the US back around 1990, Altered Beast did a great job of bringing arcade quality action and graphics home to the consoles and even the rather stiff controls made their way over also. The sound samples were in (although not quite as well as the arcade could handle, understandably), the large characters were there, and even the big bosses you would face at the end of each level were intact. Altered Beast in any form is a rather short yet challenging game by default with only 5 levels to clear but offering a nice variety in terms of levels and beasts you could morph into.

If you are unfamiliar with Altered Beast, the game features you as the protagonist, a Roman centurion brought back to life by the almighty Zeus in efforts to rescue his daughter Athena from the Demon God Neff. Along the way, you are granted the ability to collect orbs that will transform your puny man self into 3 other levels of greatness up to the final form which gives you overpowering abilities including fireballs, shock attacks, and a rather strange rolling attack that works to some degree although I found it to be my least favorite.

You begin the game in the Roman graveyard, rising from your grave along with the trademark vocal sample “Rise from your grave!” that might even be playing in your head right now as you read this. Moving from left to right in traditional beat ‘em up style, you punch, kick, jump, and even jump kick and duck kick your way through the 5 distinct levels fighting zombies, wolves, ant-like creatures with interesting appendages, annoying blobs, snakes, winged demons, purple unicorn dudes, and eventually bosses for each level. These bosses for the most part resemble ones you might find in R-Type or Gradius-esque, side shooter games where they are on the right side of the screen often times just lobbing stuff at you to avoid while you pummel them or use your beastly magic against them. The final boss differs in this regard, offering more of a challenge as he puts up a moving fight in the form of a Rhino that chases you down from side to side.

During your adventure through the stages, you will find certain glowing enemies that when defeated give up power orbs you can collect to morph your character into the Altered Beast that gives the game its name. You start off as a slender human in your underwear and with each orb, you grow stronger and this is represented both graphically and gameplay wise. Bad guys take less punches and kicks to defeat and your character graphically turns into a beefy Schwarzenegger styled character that can punch and kick through the enemies with ease. When you collect the third orb on the level, you morph into a beast with each level having its own type. If you miss the third orb the first time around, the level continues on to give you another shot, otherwise, it’s boss fightin’ time soon after that morph happens. The beasts you morph into include a werewolf, a flying dragon (my favorite), a bear with an almost useless roll attack (my least favorite), a tiger, and finally, a Golden werewolf. Turning into the beast turns up the action to 11 as you are then fairly overpowering just about anything coming your way and the bosses at the end when morphed are easy to defeat if you know what to expect.

The levels themselves are each varying in style, setting, and colors but are all fairly the same in the sense you are walking from left to right beating anything in your way up to reach the boss. Roman graveyards, caves, and underworld palaces are mostly what you should expect and the bosses within are fairly unique also with a giant boss made of corpses, a plant with eyeballs all over, a giant dragon headed snail that shoots fireballs, a flying croco-dragon that summons demons and shoots fireballs, and finally Neff who turns into a Rhino that chases you around faster and faster until you defeat him.

Altered Beast is not a very long game at all, can be finished easily in under an hour, and can scratch that old school beat ‘em up itch you might have once in a while. You don’t need to dust off your Genesis to play it either; it’s been released on just about everything nowadays including the 360, the PS3, and the PC in various forms. If you’ve never played it, it might be worth an hour of your time to check out.  ”Rise from your grave!” and send Neff to his doom in Altered Beast from Sega.