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Alleyway - Game Boy

Alleyway is Nintendo's answer to Atari's Breakout! Break bricks by bouncing a ball off a space-paddle piloted by Mario in this "original" title for Nintendo Game Boy which packs good fun and challenging game play!
  • Release date: 1989
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Athanasios from Nea Smyrni, Greece
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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great breakout game, if only it had a save feature... it's pretty annoying to always have to start at level 1.

I usually get so bored with this that I turn it off before the lives are anywhere near depletion. It's not a bad game but you probably have to be a Breakout fanatic to make it much further than 10 stages. The only thing that keeps me going is to see all of the various Mario-themed bonuses.

Yeah. Definitely one of the most boring things to have Mario attached to it.
Breakout by any other still Breakout.

kinda wired game

I can’t believe this game is about Mario jumping into a platform that then becomes some sort of ball bouncing machine that destroys blocks like on breakout… A rivaling console that they want nothing to do with now a days 2/13/14. I mean you can’t go wrong with this game, there isn’t much to say but, it’s a good game because it was on a popular console that everyone had.

reminds me of of a atari 2600 game

good game. dose what it needs to do.

There's really not a lot to Alleyway, since it's really just Breakout with a few occasional twists. For that reason, I'm not sure how heavily I'd recommend it today, unless what you happen to be looking for is a good game of Breakout to hole up with for an hour! As a launch title for the original Game Boy, it might have been simple, but perhaps it was that way for a reason: So that the Game Boy could be launched with something new-yet-familiar that you could have in the palm of your hand.

Great Game back in the day, sometimes i could not lay down my Game Boy because it was sooo good.

This is a fun Breakout clone, but it really isn't special, unless you played it when you first came out. I personally love it, since it was one of the first Game Boy games I ever had. However, this isn't the reason to buy a Game Boy. The controls are crisp, and the various level are fun. I agree with Mark in saying that the title is rather stupid, and the game did become more fun when I hummed the theme to Moon Patrol to the levels without the music. If you find a cart, give it a try!

fun game but pretty average

Pretty good, but not a classic by any means.

Played the living hell out of Alleyway back in 1989. I didn't even know of Arkanoid or Breakout at the time, for years I would call games like this "Alleyway clones".

A good game, very similar to Breakout, Alleyway is a addicting brick breaker game. It saves your scores of course, and of course, uses a d-pad. Which isn't the greatest, but it works pretty fine still. Overall the game is a good time.


ALLEYWAY review for Game Boy
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