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Alleyway - Game Boy

Alleyway is Nintendo's answer to Atari's Breakout! Break bricks by bouncing a ball off a space-paddle piloted by Mario in this "original" title for Nintendo Game Boy which packs good fun and challenging game play!
  • Release date: 1989
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Players: 1-Player
  • Donated by: Athanasios from Nea Smyrni, Greece
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
  • Tags: Breakout, Arkanoid, Mario
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For a launch title on the Game Boy it's pretty good, but it suffers from being incredibly slow in the first few levels. It controls well considering you don't have analogue controls, but the first few levels are pretty monotonous. Once you get past that though, the game becomes pretty addictive. It's a good time-waste when you get bored of Tetris and you beat Super Mario Land in just 15 minutes, but there are still better choices. I'd recommend Super Breakout over this to be honest.

ok game

great breakout game, if only it had a save feature... it's pretty annoying to always have to start at level 1.

I usually get so bored with this that I turn it off before the lives are anywhere near depletion. It's not a bad game but you probably have to be a Breakout fanatic to make it much further than 10 stages. The only thing that keeps me going is to see all of the various Mario-themed bonuses.

Yeah. Definitely one of the most boring things to have Mario attached to it.
Breakout by any other still Breakout.

kinda wired game

I can’t believe this game is about Mario jumping into a platform that then becomes some sort of ball bouncing machine that destroys blocks like on breakout… A rivaling console that they want nothing to do with now a days 2/13/14. I mean you can’t go wrong with this game, there isn’t much to say but, it’s a good game because it was on a popular console that everyone had.

reminds me of of a atari 2600 game

good game. dose what it needs to do.

There's really not a lot to Alleyway, since it's really just Breakout with a few occasional twists. For that reason, I'm not sure how heavily I'd recommend it today, unless what you happen to be looking for is a good game of Breakout to hole up with for an hour! As a launch title for the original Game Boy, it might have been simple, but perhaps it was that way for a reason: So that the Game Boy could be launched with something new-yet-familiar that you could have in the palm of your hand.

Great Game back in the day, sometimes i could not lay down my Game Boy because it was sooo good.

This is a fun Breakout clone, but it really isn't special, unless you played it when you first came out. I personally love it, since it was one of the first Game Boy games I ever had. However, this isn't the reason to buy a Game Boy. The controls are crisp, and the various level are fun. I agree with Mark in saying that the title is rather stupid, and the game did become more fun when I hummed the theme to Moon Patrol to the levels without the music. If you find a cart, give it a try!

fun game but pretty average

Pretty good, but not a classic by any means.

Played the living hell out of Alleyway back in 1989. I didn't even know of Arkanoid or Breakout at the time, for years I would call games like this "Alleyway clones".

A good game, very similar to Breakout, Alleyway is a addicting brick breaker game. It saves your scores of course, and of course, uses a d-pad. Which isn't the greatest, but it works pretty fine still. Overall the game is a good time.


ALLEYWAY review for Game Boy
Added by: CGR
ALLEYWAY review for Game Boy
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