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Alien Rage - Xbox 360

This old school and satirical first-person shooter takes place on a rogue planet full of disgusting alien life forms. Use a bevy of available offensive options to blow them away and survive on this installation not meant for human life.
  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: City Interactive
  • Publisher: City Interactive
  • Players: 1-Player
  • SpaceVault page Created by: CGR
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Inspired by old-school shooters the game offers uncomplicated action set in a cool sci-fi environment and storyline. The mechanics are reliable, there's lots of explosions, cool weapons, great one-liners and tough boss-fights. Its a linear game.The campaign is 7-10 hrs long. The game is great for what it is, so be smart enough to have realistic expectations, don't be a moron and think this is - or should be - like the 'deep' and 'intellectual' shooters that our mainstream media loves so much.

Not a bad game. Had hours of fun with this game.

bang ..bang super intense ..alot of action in this fps,,check it out

If you want an arcade-style shooter you should get this. The shooting mechanics are solid and the gameplay is fast-paced and intense. The boss fights were epic. Visually it looks great and the game has an entertaining storyline and main character. The campaign took me about 8 hours to complete which is not bad for a $20 game. If you like arcade-style FPS like Painkiller, Serious Sam, Bodycount, Duke Nukem etc you might like it. Don't go into this expecting something like BioShock or Half-life.


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