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    Sooo did anyone get down on XBconnect back in the day to play halo 1 online? Well it’s still around. I JUST PLAYED HALO 2 ONLINE. WITH PEOPLE.

    It tricks your xbox into thinking your system-linked with another box.

    I’m hoping some of the people here will hop on because so far I’ve only seen people play Halo 2 and I am dying to play some Return to Castle Wolfenstein online or some Ghost Recon.

    Here’s the link to DL: http://www.xbconnect.com/index.php?topic=downloads

    I’m running windows on my Mac. It probably took me 30min to an hour to figure it out and get it working. Not bad compared to the 4-6 hours we spent setting it up to play Halo 1 online back in like 2001-2002.


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    Never tried any trickery to get the original Halo online, no. I’m not running Windows on my Mac, though… so I would assume that excludes me from ever trying.

    I would imagine that the workaround is the same that the makers of the Xband used back in the 16-bit era to get the multiplayer SNES/GEN games to boot up over the phone.

    Has anyone ever uploaded footage of the games being played this way?


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    I assume this is some kind of VPN. You can play online with pretty much any VPN solution, and there are lots of those for OS X, GNU+Linux, and Windows. There are probably some for less used operating systems like Amiga OS and MorphOS too.

    Hamachi was popular when I was playing around with console games and lan-only or procured (pirated) PC games. It supports OS X and Windows (Don’t know about GNU+Linux or BSD). Will probably require some configuration to make the VPN be usable for your entire LAN and not just your own PC.


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    a few year ago we use to play the phantasy star, but the group disband so no more online play, also the game has to be hacked and the xbox softmoded for that.

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