CGR Video Submissions

Become an awesome CGR Video Contributor


To apply to become a video contributor for one of CGR’s new short-form shows such as CGRgarage, CGRtoys, CGRcomics or CGRvinyl press here. Suggestions for additional shows would also be appreciated.

After our production team receives your audition and reviews your video they’ll contact you by email if the team is interested or has suggestions. Please note that the CGR production team is selective and looking for specific styles–not all submissions may be a good fit at this time.

Our audience members are avid YouTube viewers. Accordingly, video audition submissions must:

  1. Be between one and three minutes in length;
  2. Be solely your own work;
  3. Be family friendly (these are not M-rated shows);
  4. Be review journalism;
  5. Be available in HD (1920×1080);
  6. Not infringe 3rd party copyrights;
  7. Not infringe 3rd party trademarks;
  8. Not defame any company or individual;
  9. Not violate the common standard of decency;
  10. Address interests of our audience base;
  11. Illustrate your best audio and video capability;
  12. Be titled in such a way as to summarize the posting;
  13. Not contain music except that which you can certify as being "paid up" or in the public domain.

If there are problems with your submission we’ll let you know so you can update it.

Additionally, you should be familiar with our website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.